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warhammer shadows over hammerhal?

Hi...is there anywhere to get a basic copy of JUST the rules? I had started to collect pieces of the original warhammer quest game but this is an expensive and rather DAUNTING task. I found a copy of the rules from the original game (think on these boards)
and I basically want to know if this newer version of the game is worth purchasing for play with my 7 yr old nieces/nephew. We are currently playing hero quest....but I wanted something just a bit more advanced, but still simple....hard to really explain what I am looking for. Heroquest though always seemed just a bit too unbalanced and harder to keep continuing on and advancing the heroes without also trying to create new monsters and adding a lot of home rules etc.

Dragonstorm for awhile filled the niche back in the day when my brother and I played....and might possibly play this next with the kiddos after heroquest, but again....it's not exactly what I want (eventually it gets bogged down by not having certain cards or you can't recover all your cards and abilities after resting once your character has aquired a TON of cards/abilities)

I am wondering if the newer version of warhammer quest would fit what I'm looking for but as it is hard for me to explain it would be hard for me to read someone else's input and get what I'm looking for.

If I could read a copy of JUST the rules, no background story, no adventure scenarios, characters etc. it might go a long way to help me decide.

Game mechanics, in terms of how the characters lvl, fight etc. is especially useful. if I can't get a copy of the rules....
it would be important to know how these mechanics etc. vary from the original warhammer quest and/or heroquest and dragonstorm.
Seeing as how dragonstorm was and probably still isn't a  mainstream game....will give a quick rundown of a base character and combat.
Dragonstorm is a simple d6 game. All you need are the cards for a base set and a pair of ds (no complicated variety of dice like in d&d)
characters have the following stats:
STR (strength): physical brawn
COR (Coordination): hand to eye coordination
DEF (defense): physical toughness
SPD (speed) quickness & reflexes
WIS (wisdom): the ability to learn and reason
HP (health points): ability to withstand damage
there's more but that's enough to give a basic gist of things.....when attacking you roll 2d6 add the cahracter's STR for melee (+ any modifiers for weapons etc.) or if a ranged attack you use COR instead
The defender rolls 2d6 and adds their DEF (+ any modifiers for armor etc.)
the difference between the two rolls is damage...that's it plain and simple

Simple but with those stats can also have the capability of doing anything that can be done in a d&d game....using any of the above character stats and the various abilities sketched out on the various skill and ability cards. But it is SIMPLE in its mechanics. Hero Quest didn't really have the capacity for that and needed homebrew rules if wanting to add some of this in later for a bit more involvement.
Haven't read all of the info and rules yet for the original warhammer quest, but seems as if that DID have the capacity for that but also heavily relied on lots of books and charts....I think?? just going by some of what I've read.

Sorry for the long post....but thought I should at least TRY and explain where I'm coming from and what I'm looking for in case I can't get a copy of the rules....that is ideal, to try and see for myself if this game is a fit. I would....if I thought they'd go for it....offer to purchase for a nominal fee, but I somehow doubt games workshop would sell me a copy of just their  rules.