nomz miniatures

Posted by jogar_t_hutt jogar_t_hutt
greeting guys 1st apps as my PC has been in the shop for a long needed upgrade (And i have no idear what that means) but
whilst i was missing this old thing i did hunt around for other miniatures makers & i came across this
now there are sci-fi stuff isnt there yet but the fantasy stuff is nice


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Re: nomz miniatures

Nice stuff there, very 90's Warhammer style - but rather expensive I think (it's seem not only are miniatures Warhammer compatible, but the prices are too)

let's see some pictures shall we?

 ^ It's almost a classic Dragon-Ogre, I'd buy it if were but a little cheaper

 ^ This would be great in Quest

 ^ Skimpy dressed Vampire chick

 ^ Skeleton Archers - note the arrows, nice detail you don't often see!

 ^ Dire Wolves - much nicer than the plastic GW ones, which comparatively look ... well ... dire!

 ^ Interesting quirky piece

 ^ Classic looking Dwarf

 ^ Giant Eagles in nice dynamic flying poses

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Re: nomz miniatures

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The eagles look great and the wolves do to.
-- Mark RG (Game on)