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ideas for new rpg game

ok i am working on a new game rule set so i'm hopeing that you dear friends would give your support with ideas, feedback & playtesting

what we are looking from you is ideas for rules what works what dont work & FLUFF

so just as a taster & give some idea
it is a fantasy game dunger crawler that evolves

starting with a lone adventurer & by gathering gold you enlist others to your party, recruit from guildes by the time your party is up to 10+ you can be called apon to join a local force for quests & so on.
standard 3 phase turn move, action, attack
each model has its generic stats & personal stats (guilde tweeks, magics, gold)


dwarfs,( DONT use magics ) are seagoing traders, the greatest metalworkers(think dwarf steampunks),
orcs. goblins, beastmen. primative trible but worship a living gods who play 1 against the other,
elfs, are magic users & most do use magics (MAGICS see down page) & are NOT in decline,
undead, zombies are a random & do gather in large numbers near battle sites,
vampires, are loners & rarely join another (the fights between 2 or more vampires have been known to destory villages),
lycan types, are pack hunter,
humans, all shapes & sizes, colors & creeds even in styles,


magics are and can unpredictable & depends on enviroment;

mages are a focal point of magics so tunnals moves the spell in that way
you spellcast in a cave & you have a 1/12 chance of the casting going wrong

magics have a flashpoint & in an enviroment were some part in open it will spill over & as much damage to the caster as to its target
you spellcast in a street & you have a 3/12-7/12 chance of it going wrong

on the battlefield magics are a danger to everyone not only will casting arc towards other mages & magical items regaurdless of who or whats in the way but will arc amongest the men closest to the magics.
you spellcast on a battlefield & you have a 9/12 & higher chance of it going wrong

example; mage casts a beast tranformation there are 2 other mages 4 magic items on the battlefield, needs to roll 10+
rolls 7 miscast, other mages, A rolls 4, B rolls 11, B safe. 7" around him & mage A & any magical items models are scatterd D12
transformed into beasts & attack for D6 turns.

the guildes adds extra ummph to your stats & can give extra ummph to the rest of your party but may reduse your personal stats however a party member entered into a a guilde cannot be used in a party mission for 2+ games And must be used as a in a dungen crawler 2+ games.