fisticuffs 2011

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there is a wargames con in weymouth 30th april is anyone going ?

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Re: fisticuffs 2011

ok i did go to fisticuffs & well, first (from what i was told) the thing NEARLY got called off, Let me explain why at 1 end you had the BNP or BDL holding a protest at the other end you had there opposite group holding a protest about the BDL's march a music festival on the beach & in the middle 700 cops oh what fun ...... but i did see lots of new things.
ironclad minis was there and if, like me. you was thinking, "would this work for my ig's?" i can say at a push yes & the tranch system is very nice
i did chat to someone from MCS Miniatures & they mite be selling wargames factory stuff
some1 was running a game with OLD CROW MODELS & they are small even for 25mm

but i did have fun