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all hail and thunder

Glorious greetings and salubrious salutations one and all and sundry.

It is I, snakeappletree the verybored, sitting in a musty old crumbledown tower atop a hillside in Wales a land which civilization has forgot. The valley tribes are held at bay, the dragons are frikkin awesome and the weather is, as usual, raining.

Currently stoking the hearth with parchments crumbling and faded, the lifeworks of irrelevant scholars whose expletive lives are easily forgotten, because the likes of me needs to fend off an evil ice wind of arthritic doom and my hench-goblin is currently away doing sinister business with some bawdry sorceress, thus unable to fetch wood; and be damned am I going out there myself in this werehound of a gale.

I found my way finally to this forum after awhile simply by researching whatever had become of a childhood passion for all things heroquesty.

Damn my potion has boiled over. Be right back.