Wizard's Study

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The Wizard's study is a vast octagonal chamber that takes up most of the upper floor of the tower. The walls are lined with wooden shelves that are stacked with books and magical paraphernalia, bottles of potions and the skulls of various creatures. In the centre sits a massive stone desk covered in carvings of arcane symbols and cluttered with books and scrolls. But the focal point of the laboratory is at the very back of the chamber, a door surrounded by dragon heads; a Portal to the Abyss ...

This is a set of 4 resin pieces officially called “F0028 - Magician's Study” produced by the fine people at Scotia Grendel. This is a great set and the pieces are useful for almost any dungeon setting especially when there's an evil wizard about.

The design of each piece's base encourages their use together in a circular or at least semi-circular layout with the desk at the centre.It's been quite a while between painting these pieces and writing about them, so I'm afraid I won't be able to give you a detailed break down of the paints and techniques used, my memory simply isn't that good.

The book shelf piece and it's counterpart with a cabinet, lectern and small desk are both covered in all sorts of interesting magical accoutrements, which were fun and interesting little bits to paint. The Portal is of course an interesting piece in itself, but more on that later.

The desk was one of those nice pieces on which each little bit calls for a certain colour, so it pretty much paints itself. The runes I painted on the scrolls are based on the runes used for spell-casting in the Legend of Grimrock games.

It seems the sculptor of this set drew a lot of their inspiration from 2 painting depicting Raistlin's Study and Laboratory from the DragonLance Setting, one by Jeff Easley and the other by Larry Elmore. I used said paintings as reference  material while painting

 ^ I normally see this piece interpreted as a magic mirror, but since it's clearly inspired by the Dragon-Portal in this Larry Elmore painting of Dalamar and Kitiara, I based my colour scheme on that. The Hell-scape in the portal was also painted to match the original painting.

 ^ The desk piece (and I think the bookcase too to some extent) seems to have been inspired by this Jeff Easley painting of Raistlin in his study.


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Re: Wizard's Study

Oooooooooo the abyss ... *reluctantly withdraws gaze in an attempt to focus on the point in hand*

Beautiful Mortis, and as always I'm in awe of the scholarly research behind the work!

Talking of work , I better get back to mine... *glances furtively in the direction of the abyss*

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Re: Wizard's Study

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Oh man, this brings back so many memories!

Also awesome paintjob and cool miniature furniture as well.