Where Sleeping Gods Lie, Warmachine/Hordes Campaign Weekend

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There is a legend. To the east of the Iron Kingdoms, east even of the Iosans, lies a great desert. Among the sands lies a forgotten city, all but consumed by time, all but erased by history. At the centre of this forgotten place lies a ruined temple, and buried deep in its vaults stands a tomb.

Made of baked sandstone tougher than the finest steel, untouched by the march of time; this tomb is unmarked save for one small inscription. In one of the most ancient languages of Caen, it spells just one word.

That word is Nyrro.

We are pleased to announce the Legion of Snake Eyes, will be running a Warmachine/Hordes Campaign Weekend on the 26/27th February 2011 at Triple Helix Wargames in Westbury, Wiltshire.

The weekend will have six narrative driven games of varying sizes as the players try to unravel the mystery of what happened to one of the Iosan gods.

On one side, the undead Priests of Nyrro have enlisted Khador and Cyrx allies. On the other, the mysterious Seekers have drawn the Retribution of Scyrah and Cygnar into the fray. All around other factions have gathered for many reasons, some to settle old scores, others to simply make a profit.

Each player will require a 15 and 25 point army list; plus an additional 5 points of units or solos. You will not be using both lists at the same time so they can include the same models (but do not have to). The additional 5 points must make a legal force when added to either army list.

Players can bring any faction (from Warmachine or Hordes), but both lists must be from the same faction or charter.

Tickets are £20 for the weekend, including lunch on both days. To register contact loseclub@gmail.com.

The full pack is available from here.