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Posted by Sjeng Sjeng
I'm trying to decide which mini's to buy, because I'd like to expand my HQ games, and paint some cool new mini's.

My soon to be wife likes the GW lizardmen. She saw a box of Temple Guard, and almost bought them.
I myself love the ogre bulls from GW. But, alas, both are pretty expensive.
That doesn't outweigh the fact that I've not yet seen any better/cooler Ogres elsewhere (not even @ Ral Partha), and I've found a Dutch shop that has them a bit cheaper too. (€ 24,-). Same shop has the Temple Guard lizards for € 26,-.
I've tried searching for ogres and lizardmen on Dutch eBay and other auction sites, but to no avail. UK has plenty, but shipping is expensive. Furthermore, most of the auction site stuff is already painted or incomplete.

I've also discovered the Battalion box sets from GW, which hold many, many mini's of all types, and might also be interesting, it costs € 68,- at the Dutch webshop I found. It's a shame they don't have the Ogre Battalion box, which is € 68,- at a different Dutch webshop, but that one doesn't have the Lizards. Argh.
The lizard box has like 20 Saurus Warriors, 12 Skinks, 10 Temple Guard and eight Saurus Cavalry. That's a lot of variety to paint, which is good, but I'd already be more than happy with 5 of each or so.

Another miniatures box that intrigues me is the Mhorgoth's Revenge box, with a dwarven and a undead army in it.
This is a box with 110 mini's for € 42,- which is a great deal, plus you could play a wargame with this box alone, albeit simpler than warhammer, but I don't mind that. Besides, it's the painting and HQ use that I will mostly use them for. But again, it's a bit too much, and I'd be happy with perhaps 5 of each type of mini. Just to have enough variation to paint and use with HQ.

All these giant boxes with many many figures are very appealing, but then again: I don't really need THAT many mini's, so I'm in doubt here.
If I could find someone who'd be willing to share these big boxes, I could split them in half, save money and have plenty to paint, but that might be difficult. I could also simply buy smaller boxes like the temple guard lizards alone, but they are relatively more expensive, and you get 10 basically the same mini's instead of all the variation. You'd end up spending almost as much as the battalions.
Perhaps I could sell off all excess mini's on eBay or other auction sites, but I'm not sure if people would be interested, and if it would yield me enough money to even out the costs. With the lizard and ogre battalion boxes, and perhaps the Mhorgoth box, I could try selling excess models at low prices and earn half of the costs back.

Well, pretty long story, sorry to bother you with it, but perhaps there is a simple solution I haven't thought of yet. Just wanted to post my thoughts and see what you guys think of it.
For now I'm inclined to keep it at the Bulls + Temple Guard for € 50,- + 6,75 shipping.
But the 2 battalion boxes are € 140,- incl. shipping, and might earn me some money back.


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Re: What to buy...

It's a shame there's such a postal issue here, I use Lizardmen in my Chaos Daemons army, and Ogres for my Imperial Guard..
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Re: What to buy...

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Before buying new races like Lizardmen, I'd suggest picking up a few character pieces like an Orc shaman.    Buying a few individual figures would be cheaper and adds a nice touch.     I'd also suggest the packs of bats, rats, etc.    GW makes Giant Rats for Skaven and bats for Vampire Counts that are based as swarms in the battle game, but can be based individually for use in dungeon crawls.    For the price of a batallion box set, you might be able to snatch up a copy of Warhammer Quest which gives you more Orcs and goblins (including archers), skaven, snotlings, bats, rats, minotaurs, and alternate figs for the 4 heroes.    Also, you can play Warhammer Quest with it.   :)

Another good place to get a bunch of cool new monsters is Descent, a board game from Fantasy Flight Games.