What I'm doing now

Posted by MortiS-the-Lost MortiS-the-Lost
It's been a while since I post anything at all on the forum, a lot has been going on in personal life over the last few years and I simply haven't had time to write posts and photograph miniatures like I used to.

However about a month back I decided that my Miniatures hobby stuff should have some kind of online presence and I found the easiest and simplest thing I could do was make short videos showing and explaining what I'm currently working on.

So here's my Vlog a series of 5-10 minuet videos filmed whenever I have a day free to work on my miniatures, each Vlog is filmed at the start of the day (normally) and shows what I've finished from previous videos and what I'm going to be working on that day.


So, if you want to keep up with me, contact me, stalk me or just see what I'm doing with miniatures these days please subscribe