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This is the second miniature I've painted from Reaper's awesome Bones range (for those of you not up to speed that means the model you see above is plastic). No conversion work here, the model is completely stock, but I did mount the integral base atop a 30mm round base which it fits on perfectly (available from EM4 and Heresy Miniatures among others), then built up the base using Greenstuff and glued some fine-ish sand to it for texture.

Early on I'd decided that this particular was going to be a leader/boss Werewolf and I wanted to paint it in a paler/whiter colour scheme than my other Werewolves. This idea was inspired by the 'White Balverines' seen in the Fable games, which lead packs of other Balverines (Balverines are the Fable equivalent of Werewolves). I may have also been influenced by the fact the Bones Plastic is white. When used in my campaign this model will have a few stat advances to make it more powerful than a normal Werewolf and I will probably adopt a name for it like a 'Pale Werewolf' or something similar.

Now, I know Redfox4242 was interested in seeing how I was going to paint this model way back when I posted a picture of my 2 BlackTree Design Werewolves so here, - just for Redfox - is a rather more detailed description than normal of how I painted this model (which in all likelihood will bore everyone else to tears)

Starting from a black undercoat I dry brushed the entire model Citadel Scorched Brown then P3 Blood Tracker Brown followed by P3 Gun Corpse Brown and P3 Beast Hide.
Next I painted the Eyes P3 Skorne Red highlighted with Khador Red Base, normally I'd leave doing the eyes until a much later stage but they are quite deeply set on this model and painting them at this point allowed me to cover up any mistakes in the next stage.
I painted all the fleshly areas with 2 thin layers of Citadel Elf Flesh, allowing the shading of the layers below to show through. This received a wash of Citadel Ogryn Flesh which was left to dry thoroughly while I had a large bowl of Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup with chunks of MU Mature Cheddar cheese and several slices of Tesco Bakersoft white bread. After eating my rather filling soup I made a tall glass of Berrocca and went back to painting. I re-highlighted the flesh with more Citadel Elf Flesh where it need it and started work on painting the fur.  
First of all the fur got a dry-brushing of P3 Jack Bone I then dry-brushed on several progressively lighter mixtures of P3 Jack Bone, Citadel Fortress Grey, P3 Menoth White Base and P3 Morrow White. The final, extreme highlight was pure Morrow White.
The tongue was painted P3 Skorne Red and washed with Citadel Baal Red after which the claws and teeth where picked out in Citadel Bleached Bone and highlighted with P3 Morrow White
All that then remained to do was the base which was dry-brushed Citadel Scorched Brown followed by Graveyard Earth before I picked out the stones in Citadel Charadon Granite which was then highlighted with P3 Ironhull Grey followed by Citadel Codex Grey.

And I think that pretty much covers everything when it comes to the painting, I think it reads as a little more complicated than it really is when written down like this and while some may scoff at the use of washes and dry-brushing they are perfectly valid (and rather effective) techniques - I think the end results speak for themselves.

And now it's time for the pointless end of post gimmick that I call the bonus pictures  

 ^ A picture of the Werewolf prior to panting, just after I mounted it on the 30mm round base

 ^ A can of Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup for reasons you probably won't understand unless you've read the whole post (yea that's right, you're scrolling back up to read it now aren’t you?)

 ^ A White Balverine as seen in Fable


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Very nice work as always. I'm very impressed with the detail on these bones figures. Oh and the lack of casting defects, I take it this guy arrived with no flash or bubbles?
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Thanks dude

RobertTheDamned wrote
 I take it this guy arrived with no flash or bubbles?
Of course - Bones are high quality injection modeled figure made a company that cares about quality and value for money

No flash, just a nice crisp mold-line which is easily removed with a sharp knife and a little skill

No bubbles, it's not in the nature if the casting process and material used

My one minor complaint would be the occasional bent weapon, but that can fixed so it's not much of a complaint
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