Wanted: Old Epic 40K Daemons

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Re: Wanted: Old Epic 40K Daemons

I'm certain suggesting eBay is going to be mute point here and my other advice to keep looking in 2nd hand shops or hobby shops that sell 2nd hand stuff

Personally if wanted WarMaster scale Greater Demons and Demon Princes I'd look at 28mm scale demons and gargoyles

Check out Ral Partha Europe ...

 ^527 Screeching Terror  - could work as a Demon Prince, Balgorg or Blood Thirster 

 ^02-248 Winged Arch Demon

 ^02-250a War Demon in Flight #1

 ^01-014 Demon (RPE) - Greater Demon of Nurgle, with a little work

 ^I've shown you these before, how about the one on the top right as a Greater Demon of Tzeentch?

 ^17020 Demon Heshthot

 ^17033 Gargoyle

Also have a good look round the Black Hat Miniatures Website

SF15-3 Giant Slugs - Beasts of Nurgle maybe?

and take a look at Copplestone Castings 10mm Fantasy

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