WWI trenches tiles by LZW - ideal for WH40K?

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WWI trenches tiles by LZW - ideal for WH40K?

Billiam Babble
Lord Zsezse Works Ground Set 14 Trenches  cover on RPGNow

I've been lucky enough have been sent a review copy of Lord Zsezse Works' Ground Set #14 - Trenches for Adventures & Shopping. ( http://bit.ly/LZWtrenches )

Naturally, my own work has made me hyper-aware of the differences between square tiles and modular sections. LZW is pretty much pushing layered PDFs to the limits of what's possible with square floorplan systems.

They're also pretty beautiful to look at. I haven't printed any myself this week, since my cartridges are nearly out and these definitely come needing near-photographic quality printing.

Actually what kills me about LZW is why aren't enough people singing this company's praises?

On their Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/lordzsezseworks ) provide some photos of a modular system in action,

LZW Modular WWI trench tiles

-I don't think the set in the picture above is out yet, but I have to say that the square tiles (below) are something special to look at also. (A thread on Cardboard Warriors presents the difference between irregular modular tiles and square tiles - a subject which burns my grey matter on a daily basis)
It occurs to me this would be a pretty good set for post-apocalyptic setting and maybe even 40K - perhaps an outdoor Space Hulk...
Here's some the blerb from their page RPGNow/DriveThru:

This set includes more than 100 tiles, since each tile can be altered to have different turns and exits.
With those three switchable paths, you can build up more diverse trench systems.

Ground Set Trenches

Type of trenches:
- Center Straights
- Lower Straights
- Straights with Firing Steps
- Straight with Bomb Hole
- Straight with Depot
- Depot Areas
- Angled Trenches
- Angled Connectors
- V Trenches
- Right Angle Turns
- Dead Ends
- Landscape Tiles

Image format:
6"x6" tiles
U.S. Letter, 200 dpi, PDF
Our Ground Sets are made for 1 inch based figures, where one inch = 5 feet in the real world.

Ground Set 14 Trenches Sample

The switch system seems to really work when selecting the exact angle and point of connection of the trenches depicted on the tile - the only problem being there's almost too much choice! the switches are a pretty sophisticated yet logical use of layers in PDFs.

As I have said I haven't actually printed any as yet, but I'm always totally knocked out by the level of detail and innovation in Lord Z's products. The non-trench ground tiles are also nicely textured with feasable scrub and debris scenery.

I'm guessing that on most tabletop battlefields it's easier to build upwards, but not so easy to dig down - so if you're able to alter line-of-site rules these tiles might be ideal for historical or sci-fantasy games.

Ground Set #14 - Trenches - currently $5.97USD, 4,88 Euros, £3.81GBP (25% off July Summer Sale) on RPGNow / DRTPG / Wargame Vault

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