WHQ Slayers quest tomb files

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WHQ Slayers quest tomb files


I am looking for someone who has a copy of an old WHQ website. I suffered some trouble with my backups and lost these files. My family is starting to get into it


It contained these files


They were all quite large and the whole collection was about 1.1gig of individual graphic files. These were the best scans available and I'd really like to get them back, especially with eBay prices hitting the regular $500 for WHQ complete and absurd prices for even components. There is no good archive of WHQ stuff around any more, it's all grainy pdfs. I have the torrent copy with the low quality files, but it's not worth much for printing off back ups or replacements for damaged components.  I do own the game, but it would be so much easier to get some help finding these files instead of rescanning from scratch.

I know someone out there has a copy of these files, they were online for 5-10 years. At this point I'd be willing to pay for them to save myself the labour of having to rescan every single piece. High res scans that are unique from these are great as well.

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Re: WHQ Slayers quest tomb files

Billiam Babble
Is this all official material?  
Apart from the large Roleplay Book, there's still a lot of stuff scattered across the fan sites.  Also it's worth pointing out that Deathblow magazine repeated articles from White Dwarf.
I'm guessing you've tried all of the fan sites?

Scribd can be good for smaller files.  Mortis had  copy of the WHQ Compendium, but it can also be found here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/64486762/Whq-Warhammer-Quest-Compendium-01

Captain Kabeared provided some pieces in these threads:

I just do loads of searches, but generally I avoid bit-torrents.