Unboxing my new BONES

Posted by MortiS-the-Lost MortiS-the-Lost
As I was taking some photographs for Tabletop Towns current Kickstarter yesterday - a parcel arrived from Reaper Miniatures

So once I'd finished taking the photos I began opening the box

and then continued to open the box

until I had it open

So what was inside ...

First up a 'thank you' note signed by the Reaper staff - of course it's printed, if they signed each one in person it would take an insane amount of time  

One signature in particular caught my attention - Jeff Vader, who I believe is head of catering (a little reference for Eddie Izzard fans there)

Next came 2 brown paper rolls

which turned out to be sick-bags

but rather than being full of vomit they where full of plastic bases

These bases were not quite what I was expecting - I was under the impression they would be beveled (like those produced by Citadel and others) but with a hollow middle allowing a for miniatures with integral bases to be mounted in them - but none the less these are nice bases, just not what I was expecting.

Moving on - plastic bags

This first one contained some Rat-men type miniatures and another plastic bag

stood up for the photo - 3 Rat-men, a cool Rat-centaur pack animal, a ferret thing with 6 breasts and a Gnome

and inside the plastic bag - an awesome looking Rat-Troll/Ogre, much more vicious looking that the GW ones

So far some nice additions to my Rat-men forces - so onto the next bag

The barcode label says 'Dungeon Decor' and it contains a 'lawful good' pillar with an angel on each side, a 3 sided 'evil' pillar detailed to look like Wraiths (or perhaps Demons of some kind) - these should provide some interesting features for temple type dungeon, I ordered 2 of this set so I have 2 of each pillar. also in this bag; 2 different sized crates, 2 different sized barrels, some jars/urns and some bags of ... well whatever I decide to use them for in-game

another bag ...

This one I believe is called the 'thank you set'
There's some kind of Gnoll-like creature, a ... I don't know what the fuck ... it's got antlers, wings, fur, a tail ... no idea and it won't stand up on its own - there's a tiny (I assume) Scottish imp complete with bag pipes and kilt. A holed standing-stone and female barbarian with 2 handed sword that goes with it. A creature that looks like the things that live in the 'cave' in the asteroid the Millennium Falcon lands in and finally a stalagmite.


Also inside this bag were 2 smaller plastic bags
One containing a Marilith (Type V Demon)

and the other containing an Otyugh-like beast

My package also contained a 'Mr Bones' and 2 Sets of Mouselings but they are not mine, they are for Tracey and Big Cat. I will also be giving Big Cat a few pieces out of the thank you box. Here a picture of the picking ticket

My order was pulled by Blake [Insert reference to obscure 70's British Sci-fi show that shared a costume department with Dr Who]


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Re: Unboxing my new BONES

Some cracking stuff there Mortis - looking forward to seeing 'em painted!
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Re: Unboxing my new BONES

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I'm having some trouble getting all of the images to load, but it looks like an awesome haul.
As always I'm very intrigued by the "dungeon decor" pieces. :)