TrollForged Trencher IG-a-like infantry

Posted by BobbieTheDamned BobbieTheDamned
I've been keeping an eye on these as they've developed and they look pretty awesome:

Look quite nice, don't like the guns but that's an easy thing to change. I only wish some sci-fi troops would have some webbing and equipment on them, everyone seems to be without food, water and ammo.

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Re: TrollForged Trencher IG-a-like infantry

Nice looking minis, they remind me of these scratch-built trenchers on Necromundicon

true a lot of Sci-fi ranges lack supplies and equipment (and a lot of Fantasy miniatures do too) fortunately quite few manufacturers of 1/35 scale military stuff do accessory packs of bags and stowage for tanks ect, which can easily be used as back-packs and the like.

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