Triple Helix events coming up inc Bring and Buy!

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Hi all,
Here is a little summary of the events we are planning over the coming months!!  There should be something in here to interest you as we are doing different gaming systems and types of events including a Bring and Buy sale in December.  More information can be found on our website

27th/28th November.  Perditus.
Fst Gn – the Imperial Training and Conditioning programme for up and coming Captains of the Imperial Space Marine Chapters.
Develop your skills in this 500point 1-day tournament, and advance above your comrades to become the Fast Gun of your chapter.
Tickets are £15 and include lunch, book your place in the shop.  Full details on our website.
A complementary campaign day will be held on Sunday 28th.  Attendance at the Campaign is not required to complete the Tournament day. You can win the Tournament Day and you still don’t have to attend the Campaign Day, but you’ll miss out on a lot of fun! If you can’t make the tournament, book your place in the campaign to train your men in the skills of war.

Throughout November.  Lord of the Rings Painting Competition.  
To enter all you need do is pay a mere £5, for which you will be given a complete fellowship of the ring, and entered into the competition. The most points will be gained for imagination rather than pure painting prowess and the addition of the Ring into your piece of art!  There are some great prizes to be won, so break out the brushes and get cracking.  You will have until Sunday 28th November to submit your entrance and prizes will be presented at our Christmas party on Sat 18th December.  

11th December - Bring and Buy Sale.
The hall will be given over to the public so that club members and others can sell their wargaming wares at the Bring and Buy Sale. There will be 15 tables available for hire at £10 for the day, or alternatively you can sell your items through Triple Helix Wargames who will be happy to handle the sale for you at the standard price of 10% commission.  Tables are open to anyone, as long as their items are wargaming related in some way and people are more than welcome to club together for a table.  
Please contact us in-store to book your table or book your items in to be sold by us.  The event will be open to the public between 10am and 5pm with sellers setting up from 9am.  Entrance is free so come and get yourself a Christmas bargain!!  Bookings for tables will close on Wednesday 8th December so we can inform people if there are tables to game on.  So if you need some cash or bargains for Christmas this is the place to come.  

18th - December Christmas Party.
Christmas event that will include the Painting Competition results announcement, the Saturday night will have games in the evening and a Wargaming and History inspired Pub Quiz. There will be a £7.50 per person ticket price, with £5.00 for under 16s. The ticket price will include a Curry dinner with a beer, team entry into the Pub Quiz (prizes are up for grabs in the Pub Quiz) and general involvement in festivities to celebrate the yuletide joy!  Our bar will be open and festivities will run from 5pm until midnight.

8th January 2011 - ECW Day.
Rekindling the fun that was had on the Grand Opening, we will be setting up the tables for a mammoth ECW Black Powder day. There is no charge for entry, but there will be plenty of charges throughout the day!!
We will be asking Warlord if they would like to get involved on the day, and I hope that at the very least they will be able to provide us with some authentic 17th Century terrain!
Charge your powder, Sir, there will be blood shed this day!

22nd January - Revenge for Varhgast.  
One Day Kings of War Tournament - 1500pts Singles £15 - Entry is open to any age, and any army.
Lunch will be included on the day.
Pick your armies from the lists available from the Mantic Website. Fore-warned is fore-armed as they say, so you might like to know that the Triple Helix Team will be entering the tournament, and will be performing Tag-Team gaming all day, game-to-game and sometimes turn-to-turn the Triple Helix players will be changing. Our army of choice will be Elves, and we shall prevail … or fight to no avail, one of the two … probably.

Information on all the events can be found on our website

Future dates to keep in mind;

5/6th February Flames of War Tournament
26th/27th February Warmachine Campaign weekend
12/13th March 40k 24 hour game-a-thon
26th March 1 day WHFB border patrol
30th April Triple Helix 1st Birthday celebrations