Triple Helix - Events coming up including our 1st Birthday!!

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Hi All,

Sorry it has been such a long time since we posted, we have been busy developing the centre and tables and also didn't want to overrun you with posts. We have a number of events coming up over the next few months using a wide range of gaming systems including Flames of War, Warlord, sci-fi as well as Summer Hobby Camps. I have included all the information below. If you would like more details please visit or email us at or call on 01373 855380. We hope to see you over the next few months.

Kindest regards

We will be attending Attack in Devizes on both days with 2 tables for the store and a demo table.  Come along and see us at the show and support a local club the DDWG.  We are also offering an extra 10% off our already discounted prices.  Order and pay for your items before Monday 18th July and collect at Attack to receive your discounts, even for out of stock items.  

26th/28th JULY.  SUMMER CAMP 1.  9th/11th August Summer Camp 2.  23rd/25th August Summer Camp 3.
During the 3 days you will take part in building and painting models, terrain building, developing army lists, strategy and tactics and gaming rules and a mini tournament at the end of the camp.   Ticket price is £90 inclusive.  Alternatively if you prefer to bring your own models rather than receive a Battleforce/Battalion the ticket price will be £60. The camps are open to ages 8 to 16, however under 12’s must be accompanied by an adult, who must purchase a parent ticket for £20, which will include lunch on each day.   There will be 6 places available for each camp.

7th August.  Blade of Honour
Under 18’s 40k Tournament.  As a young commander you can only hone your battle skills on the fields of war, this 750 point 40K tournament will test those skills over 4 games in 1 day.  Tickets are just £5 and include certificates and prizes!!!  Book in-store or on-line.

20th August.  The Day of the Damned.  
The Lost and the Damned Forum will be running a day of retro and alternative wargaming and RPGS.  This will include a FRAG tournament, GorkMorka racing game, Magic the Gathering, Mass dungeon crawl and many more.  Come along and try something new or dig out those old classic games from your loft and get them on a table again.  The event is FREE, only £2 table hire if you play a game and for those who have posted more than 75 times on the forum you will get an extra 5% off in-store.  For more details visit

27th August.   Angels High

Wing’s of War Tournament.  A fun and family friendly tournament, intended for all ages from 6 to 60.  £5 to enter, with 2 planes of the entrants choice to be used.  A variety of missions will be played on the day.  Under 12’s to be accompanied by an adult, please book your place in-store or on-line.

3rd September.  Iron Helix
Another Legion of Snake Eyes event being run here.........In between the nations of man, there is a legend, a rumour. The Priests of Cyriss, the maiden of gears, created it. A quantum leap in technology. An artificial intelligence replacing the cortex of a warjack.   The Iron Helix.   This prize is your goal.
Iron Helix is a Steamroller tournament with 3 games over 1 day.  Ticket price is £12.  Book on-line or in-store or with the Legion at http://legionofsnakeeyes.

24/25th September.  Calneage 11 and Our Official 1st Birthday Event
Calneage 11.  A Warhammer 40K 500 Point Combat Patrol Doubles Tournament run by Calne Gaming Club.  This is a really popular tournament and because it is run during our Birthday event tickets are limited, so get yours early.  Tickets are £18 a team and can be purchased on-line or in store.  

Come and celebrate our Official First Birthday with us.  If you were at the Grand Opening you know it will be good and if not, come and see!!  Mantic and Gripping Beast will be here all weekend running demo games.  There will be a bring and buy sale, painting/modelling demonstrations, Battle of Britain mass games and other pickup games as well as an evening hog roast, bar and late night gaming.  Entrance and Gaming is free, just come along and have some fun.  

1st/2nd October.  Fear Naught.  
The Allies have left the Germans slip through their fingers (again) and there's a golden opportunity to put things right, so this Flames of War Campaign weekend, run by Alexander Storch will be based on the Market Garden Box set and should see the Allies win through.  The ticket price is TBC and interested players should contact Alex at

8/9th October.  Pike and Pila
This Mass Battle event will be run by Kristen and Steve from Warlord Games and will be all about getting as many models on the table as possible and having some huge fights!!! Day 1 will be Pike and Shotte and Day 2 will be Ancients. Tickets will be £15 for one of the days or £25 for both days, including Lunch and Tea and Coffee all day. This will enable you to choose which day you would like to join in if you can't do both days. The more people come the better the battles, so get your ticket early.  Warlord will also be fielding an Army, so if you fancy yourself as a Roman Commander and have never played the game you can come and join in for a while for free.  

22nd October.  M.A.D
The Xondal System, on the edge of the very rim of the known Universe. Home of the most secretive of societies. The Society has unleashed an unknown weapon and now all invading forces are in each other’s paths.
Suddenly you and your army find yourselves in a violent struggle for survival as the Society watches on. Can you earn your freedom here on Xondal IV? Will you survive?
The only thing of which you can be sure is that you have entered the realm of Mutually Assured Destruction and survival is never a certainty!
£13 a ticket, Free Lunch and 3 games. Get your ticket in-store or on-line in the events section.  SOLD OUT