The new Sisters of Battle Models are here!

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Fans of sisters of battle have been holding out for almost as long as Dark Eldar Players have to get something new for their army and finally after years of hoping, waiting patiently and praying devoutly to the Emperor on his great Golden Throne, Games Workshop have finally, at long last, after years of requests from players for new plastic Sisters of Battle troops for their armies, finally ...

Let their fans down once again

There are no new miniatures for Sisters of Battle and the "Codex" is nothing of the sort - it's a half-arsed 2 part army list article in Games Workshop's monthly ignorant self-praising sales catalogue White Dwarf

 ^Here they are the same old Sisters of Battle we've had since 2nd edition - 3 small models on foot for £10, not available in your local store (mail order only) - the only upside is they appear to still be in metal rather than ShiteCast 

This is pure laziness on the part of Games Workshop  

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Re: The new Sisters of Battle Models are here!

That is pure bullshit. I remember those models coming out and the battle report where they kicked the necrons ass. They're still awesome sculpts but that price is beyond crazy. If they were to bring figures that were as good in plastic (hell even as a 2/3 part flat figure!) they'd sell a crap load to everyone with an Inquisition army or just as an alternative to space marines that play almost exactly the same. On the other hand I do have a lot of these figures, 20 seriphim and about 25ish foot troops inc heavy weapons, they're value sure is increasing.