The First Founding Project (inquisitor)

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so, as many will tell you, i am a big fan of GW's 54mm RP-esk game Inquisitor.
One thing that has always buggered me was the use of Space Marines.
Space Marines in Inquisitor live up to their background; each one is a combat monster, able to tear entire crews apart with relative ease; a marine can do more damage throwing his gun at you than shooting you with a lascannon!

To this end, many GMs banned their use and many players tried show-horning them into the game, more often than not using "He's onna quest for honour!" as an excuse.
i recently wrote and article for Dark Magenta covering various uses for Space Marines in Inquisitor and the First Founding Project is an extension of this.

The First Founding Project is me attempting to convert one of each of the 18 First Founding Space Marine Legions, each with their own shoulderpad and helmet which i'm going to mold; this will provide the community with easy methods of customising their marines (simply remove the Deathwatch pad!) and hopefully aid those unable to take part in Bidding Wars for the OOP Marine Helmet.
The First Founding Project is also going to provide a showcase of these Marines, ontop of a unique conversion for each Chapter, i will attempt to write background for each Space Marine, giving each a character that is appropriate for Inquisitor games and hopefully show there are a plethora of methods to utilise Space Marines without the "I R Quester!" mindset.

so, I've completed two Chapters already, albeit without the booster pack (each was done before the Project started, but were built in the Projects spirit!);

First is The Ultramarines, featuring Brother-Herald Aulius Claudius, a "retired" Space Marine Diplomat.

Secondly I have The World Eaters covered with Kargos Bloodspitter, an immortal World Eater now bored of the millennia of slaughter.

Thirdly, i've almost finished The Salamanders with Xa'phan, Master Of The Third Forge, who has settled with a group of colonists away from his chapter.

Finally, The Dark Angels are covered with Brother Marius, having had his faith falter with the revelation of The Fallen, now travelling the Imperium as an orator, reinforcing faith amongst the masses in an attempt to regain his own.

so, comments welcome, i'll be sure to post more as i finish them ... the Conclave Threads follow the creation of the conversions :D

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Re: The First Founding Project (inquisitor)

I think this is a great project. Inquisitor scale space marines look so awesome.

I really like your Ultramarine and the Dark Angel is starting to look really great too. I think the relaxed poses are very interesting and not what you normally see from space marine models.

I like the idea of a space marine diplomat too, just the sight of one space marine would probably scare the crap out of most people.

Can't remember if I ever posted up much about my own multi part marine which has each armour plate as a separate piece easy to pose. I also made the marine chunkier as I felt the Artemis model was too skinny compared to 28mm space marines (I used the rather nice drawing from the 3rd ed rulebook).