Tabletop Towns Hab Units (Sci-fi Terrain)

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As you may or perhaps may-not know, I MortiS Logan, am currently working for Tabletop Towns doing the artwork for a set of Sci-fi terrain know as Hab Units So I've decided to do a bit of a blog style post about it, where I can talk about what we've been doing.

WTF is Tabletop Towns?

First of all for those who don't know, a brief introduction to Tabletop Towns. Yes it is card terrain, but it's not your average card terrain - for a start you won't be printing and cutting it yourself, Tabletop Towns terrain is professionally litho printed and die-cut and creased. What's more it printed onto ultra high-quality cardboard and matt laminated for extra durability - the laminant is so good that you can in fact use your dry erase pens on it like you would a battle-mat and cardboard is of such strength that your average Tabletop Towns terrain piece can hold well over 1kg of weight (many can hold up to 2kg), so there is no worrying about this card terrain not supporting your larger metal and resin miniatures. (Don't believe me? check out This Video

The Hab Cubes

Unlike with previous Tabletop Town sets a big part of concept of the Hab Units was to not just make terrain pieces, but a terrain building system that can be used in a near infinite number of combinations.

This terrain is of course ideal for creating the complex multi-level buildings required for Sc-fi games like Necromunda, Dead Zone, Infinity, WarZone, Urban Mammoth, Judge Dredd, Mercs and so on. But even for games requiring more open space on the table like Warhammer 40k the Hab units can be used to create a few buildings to scatter here and there.  
Players of Super Hero games will find the Hab Units great for representing the Hero's hi-tech base or a villain's lair and there may be other not-quite sci-fi applications for the sets too  

Buildings and Vehicles

The artwork was made to be as universal as possible so that the pieces can be used to create all kinds of diverse structures such as Hi-tech Research Stations, Futuristic City Blocks, Industrial Complexes, Space Stations, Military bases, Shopping Centres and much more besides … including vehicles!

Yes, by combining certain components in the right way you can make not just buildings but also satisfyingly chunky Space Ships, Mag-Lev Trains and Hover Vehicles. All this flexibility opens up a whole realm gaming possibilities you might not have had otherwise. For instance lets say you needed a Shuttle or Landing Craft for a scenario you wanted to play (Harbinger #24 has an interesting VOiD 1.1 scenario involving capturing Shuttles during an evacuation) you could go out and buy a model kit just for this 1 game and spend your time assembling and panting it but with a good set of Hab Units to hand you can put together the Shuttle you need using the same pieces you might having been using as a Missile Control Centre in the previous game and might be using as a Water Treatment Plant in the next - All radically different structures re-using the same set of components in different combinations each time. You could run an entire campaign of battles using the Hab Units as your terrain pieces and never have the same structures on your table twice.  

Small Space Storage and Transport

One feature I'd particularly like to draw to your attention is that everything in a Tabletop Towns set folds flat for storage and transport. You can fit a whole table's worth of terrain into a relatively small box when not in use, those of you with limited space in their homes will find this of great advantage - as will anyone who travels to a gaming club where you are expected to bring your own terrain (or the club doesn’t have quite the terrain you need)

Easy Assembly

Another advantage all the Tabletop Towns terrain has is that you (the customer) have little to no work needed to get it to your table top. Since it's pre-made all you need to do is fold it into shape for the first time and pull the seal off the adhesive strip - after that it's just a matter of flattening and un-flattening pieces when you need them. No glue, no knifes, no paint, no fuss!  

Further Plans

I'm not at liberty to tell you exactly what we'll be doing next, but can tell you that future plans include a medieval 'towns and taverns' set using a similar approach to the Hab Units as well as some dungeon terrain and a medieval market place.

I hope this (rather long) post has peaked your interest in the Hab Units and Tabletop Towns in general and that you might even consider supporting the KickStarter so we can put them into production for you.


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Cool stuff. I like the old style sp marines.
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Less than week remains before the funding dead line, so if you kind people reading this plan to pledge get in now before it's too late! (of course if you're reading this a week from now, it's been and gone!)
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