Tabletop Simulator: D&D DragonQuest and Dragon Strike

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Tabletop Simulator: D&D DragonQuest and Dragon Strike

Billiam Babble
I have to share this here.

I've been dabbling a bit (as we all do, with little commitment and just a touch of "gee wow", before forgetting entirely what the fuss was about...) with Tabletop Simulator which I bought through Steam (in a sale, so I'm probably a year or so behind on content).

The Workshop area is filled with gems.  I have no idea how most of this stuff gets by copyright rules, but when it comes to out-of-print games the TS Workshop offers a wonderfully opportunity to see how they can be played.  Also it provides an opportunity for us recluses to play online with folk we'd never dream of actually meeting. ;)

TSR DragonQuest

Dragon Strike

I've haven't tried out either yet, but it's pretty intriguing from a vintage gaming point of view.

Tabletop Simulator:

(I got mine for a fraction of the price, so if you are unsure it might worth waiting until the next sale)

Photos sourced from Steam site.