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Following up from the Kitchen I posted last week, I have some more Dungeon/Tavern furniture for your viewing pleasure, this time 2 small tables and some chairs.

The tables and chairs you see in the above pictures are yet more pieces from one of my favourite companies; Scotia Grendel. Both are metal pieces from the Small Accessories range. Also creeping into these pictures are a bucket and a barrel both are from Citadel's plastic Empire Great Cannon / Mortar set.
The main thing I wanted to show you all though is the table with the cards on it, which I'm very pleased with. The cards were carefully cut from a piece of thin … well … card and glued down to the table. The gold coins are made from little balls of Greenstuff flattened down into coin shapes (You can see small a picture of the tables prior to painting in the main image). The cards were painted with a fairly random combination of 'generic' symbols to look like they could be some kind of playing cards or they could be tarot cards, so the table can be equally used in a tavern or guard room setting as a table someone is using for a gambling game or being used by some kind of gypsy-mystic or seer telling fortunes in a shadowy corner - Plus I'm sure in time I'll come up with other uses for the table as times goes on … maybe the cards on the table could be Deck of Many Things and the table is sitting in a dungeon somewhere just waiting for a foolhardy group of adventurers to come along and play with the cards

The bonus pictures for this post are 2 little set-ups I did based on my 2 initial ideas for the tables usage.

 ^ 2 Mercenaries about to come to blows over a game of cards 

 ^ The old blind Seeress 'Tessana' prepares to read the 'Cards of Fate' (she's probably trying to find out why this photo did come out as well as the others)

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David Drage:
Nice work.

For the coins, instead of flattening small balls of putty, I would suggest rolling out a very thin "sausage" of putty, leaving it to harden and then slicing it. You should get nice even, flat coins that way...
I have done that before, but I found it very hard to cut through the hardened putty evenly and a lot of the coins came out slanted - I could probably have improved on this method by filing the coins flat before painting, but it's too late now ...
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