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TALISMAN - SLAYER - Edition - Version 1

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    The Custom BoardGame for up to

    six players in a world of fantasy!

    The pdfs should be fully optimized for printing

    but i didnt actually test it so - best to test.

    Also to consider before printing: about the

    gameboard that it must be large enough to

    place the adventure cards on the tile spaces.

    Concerning the game rules pdf - dont print

    the unrelated old addon setting chapters but

    dont forget the last one the original Dragons.

    How many pages? 60 where at best one

    half could be card and one normal paper.

    The adventure add card pdfs may or may not

    be added and the game should still work but

    its recommended to print and test them all.

    Im though quite sure the rules and card

    contents are well calculated and should

    definitively offer best gameplay.

    Many thanks go out to all the great

    peoples who made the original scans

    and of course the original sources

    this superb edition consists off!

    Yours - Kaal979 -