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T&T 9-dice sheet

Billiam Babble
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Topic: No dice? Try this printout.

I thought I'd lost some dice the other night, and before I found them I suddenly remembered the 0-9 randomiser chart in the back of the Lone Wolf books. ( http://www.projectaon.org/en/xhtml/lw/01fftd/random.htm )

For low level solos, a player (wanting to be quiet in a library perhaps) could have a bookmark page with random dice arranged in large groups, say 9 or 12. A pencil is dangled over the page, eyes closed and then placed on the page like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Where the pencil lands is the group of virtual dice rolled. If the player only needs the values from four dice he simply reads from that randomly chosen group the first four dice. (Whether the player reads across or down is up to them as long as they are consistent with themselves and don't cheat.) It's no substitute for real dice but it may work to a point.

I'm attaching a really rough mock-up using a dice font from here: http://www.ambor.com/public/dice/dice.html (the author is fine for non-commercial uses)


The values were generated in OpenOffice Calc using the =INT(1+RAND()*6) formula

I'm thinking about making better looking chart on a scroll or something.

I know the pdf is really rough - it's designed so that it prints to roughly A5. You get the idea. I'm sure this has already been done.

(I started work on a T&T character sheet as well, but that will have to wait for now)

Any thoughts?