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Store News: Sale at Mongoose Publishing 29.4.11

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My attention has just been caught by this Roleplayers Chronicle post 

I think I saw the Mongoose press mail-out but didn't look close enough.
Mongoose is selling some classics core rules at reduced prices:

Over this weekend, until Tuesday morning (UK time), every Mongoose RPG core book will be at half price on our web site. This is your chance to grab some awesome bargains and give one of our popular games a try - or, if you are already a player, get some more rulebooks to go round the table!

Titles on offer include;

Traveller (both hardback and Pocket Edition)
RuneQuest II
Judge Dredd
Strontium Dog
Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook
Elric of Melnibone
Deus Vult
Wraith Recon
Hammers Slammers
Plus all French language core RPG books

There are some good bargains here - the pocket edition of Traveller for just £7.50, or the leather-bound RuneQuest II for just $19.95! You can order them now from their main pages on the web site, but be quick, as they will be returning to their normal price as soon as we get back into the office after the weekend!

The trick is you have to buy them from their website which for me was a bit of a trawl through -so good luck hunting out those bargains!  Click on pic to take you there.
(I'm very broke this weekend ...)