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Starmada Nova Rulebook MJ12Games - Starship minis combat

Billiam Babble

I've just been looking at a review copy of this and although I'm no specialist when it comes to tabletop sci-fi warfare, it all looks fairly robust.  

Hex based combat, mass battles, firing arcs, mines, boarding parties, asteroids, black holes, scenarios - and all that stuff.  
Release side batteries!

Starmada Nova Rulebook
Currently reduced to £7.15 / $11.30  / €8,19 for the PDF on RPGDriveThru

Company site: Majestic Twelve Games

The Nova Rulebook represents a new beginning for The Universal Game of Starship Combat. While in some ways this new edition is notably different from previous incarnations of the game, at its core Starmada remains the game players around the world have grown to know and love. Within this book, players will find:

    - Streamlined inertial movement, with optional movement systems to encompass a wide range of settings;
    - An intuitive combat system, including three distinct and layered types of starship defenses; and
    - The most comprehensive set of starship construction rules available in any game currently available!

Dozens of stand-alone options and advanced rules are provided, from which you may pick and choose to fit your desired level of complexity and create the type of game YOU want to play!