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Space based floor plans

Hi all,

Just a quick question (newbie here).

I am developing a series of Space environmental floor plans for space games.

Where is the best place to introduce these on the site. I know there is a dungeon section for cards and templates. Is there a space section at all?

I would like to introduce the development of the cards and see if people are interested or have and suggestions or ideas.

Hi All,

Just a quick post to say hi and introduce myself.

My name is Quicky, I am a Web designer and illustrator and have a passion for gaming for 30 years now (crikey that long).

I am playing with a couple of different templates at the moment that people might be interested in.

These are in development at the moment but feel free to contact me for more details.

I have also created some trading card templates for people to use. Is there a section to talk about these as well?
Trading card game templates

Thanks for everyones help
all the best