Space Marine Vehicle Conversions

Posted by MarkRG MarkRG
Predator conversion

A very basic conversion, i converted an old Predator Annihilator into a more modern one.

First of all i took a new stile GW Rhino for the hull, I do like this new type of rhino it looks more cool than the old one.

I took off all the metal pieces from an old predator. I had some problems with placing the metal turret mounting onto the newer rhino, so i had to saw some of it off to get it to fit.

I placed a Grendal sat-dish on the side and some bits from an old aircraft spure to mount the search light.

The metal side-sponsons were no problem to fit to the newer hull.

As with most of my tank conversions I will add bits to this over time.

Bike conversion

For starters i got hold of a GW space marine bike and two large wheels from an Ork War-trukk.

I chopped off the front wheel, then using the wheel parts, reversed the mud-guards, then mounted a wheel on the half mudguard. Using an old aircraft sprue i cut to size and using some spare hydraulics rams I had left over from my Vanquisher conversion. I mounted these onto the bike frame. I had some flat plastic pieces from an Airfix kit, i added these to the mudguards.

For the rear, i made up a strong axil, to mount the big tyres. I added an engine cover upside down from an old broken bomber. To make the exhausts, i used two multi-melta gun barrels. The rear mudguards are made from spare bits from a chimera troop carrier cut up to size.

Sometime in the future i will add the ultra marine transfers.