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Space Crusade rule book, expansions and board downloads

Billiam Babble
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This forum is very bad for me.  Puts strange thoughts into my mind.

I find myself doing bizarre bleary-eyed searches for out of print games in the middle of the night to find the resulting links are to German websites where I end up perusing Commanderwaffen in Das Spiel StarQuest with pictures of ein Dreadnought Klasse VII (Zerstörer-Klasse) ...

(I'm sure men my age look at niche sites in German in the middle of the night, these guilty pleasures, the colour photos, the retro-imagery.  It's okay, surely, but how would I explain if I was caught?)

Anyhow.  I didn't want to spoil Mortis's SH v SC thread with my Google lostings, but here's a link to many of the old rule books from the Space Crusade game and expansions:

EDIT: The author appears to have revised his site - NEW LINK:

(mainly zip files, some rar files - containing pdfs and jpgs)

Loving the late 80s b/w artwork in the Space Crusade rule book!