Smeegarl the Sneak

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This tiny figure was originally (as you might have suspected) Gollum from Harlequin Miniatures's Lord of the Rings range which was later re-branded 'Legions of the Realm' under Black Tree Design after the licence ran out - Do you see what they did there? (I seem to remember some of packaging also had 'Lords of the Realm' written on it when I was at Black Tree many many years ago). More recently Black Tree have stopped carrying the 'Legions of the Realm' range and it seems to have been bought up by Scotia Grendel who are re-branding the range yet again (as 'generic fantasy models' according to their news letter). At the moment this particular miniature is not available from Grendel but they are slowly adding more of the 'Legions of the Realm' miniatures to their site.

Although it's not quite like Peter Jackson's portrayal of Gollum (mainly because it was made before the films) I am rather fond of this figure and he looks something like I imagined Gollum when I read the books. He's a very characterful little model, dragging that little dead rabbit around with him (which several of my gaming group insist looks like a teddy bear). The details are good and the fact it's not stuck to huge rock makes it a lot more use on the table top than Citadel's film licensed version.

No conversion work here, I just mounted him on a plain 20mm around base (available from Heresy Miniatures ). To achieve the pallid greyish skin-tone I mixed Formula P3 Iron Hull Grey with Midlund Flesh, adding more Formula P3 Midlund Flesh to each highlight. The loincloth was painted P3 Blood Tracker Brown and washed with Army Painter Strong Tone Ink and the strands of hair on the back of his head were dry-brushed Citadel Fortress Grey. His eyes were painted Citadel Badmoon Yellow and highlighted with a slightly glossy Yellow from Humbrol. The Rabbit was painted Citadel Desert Yellow, washed with Army Painter Strong Tone Ink and the details picked out and re-highlighted with Citadel Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone.  

Since I'm not running anything Lord of the Rings based at the moment I don't have any immediate use for this miniature right now, I just painted him because I liked the figure. But it may end up being used some kind of Halfling-Ghoul or a Ghoul infant.

Bonus picture time!

^ You make have noticed the MK3DD wall behind has vines/root growing on it, I have sculpted these onto several walls using Greenstuff, the stone tablet/plaque you see on the right hand wall in the picture above is made from Milliput, the runes are mostly random, but the middle line reads “Mort 100” in the Dwarfven runes from the Warhammer Dwarf Army Book   

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Gollum looks great!  I always enjoy seeing the pics of your minis.  I like the dungeon walls you're using.  I will have to look up that stuff online because you made it look sweet.  Best wishes.