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Hello everyone and sorry for my english.

Hard to find a forum dedicated to this game ...
I recently bought this game by nostalgia, with its 2 extensions.
I want to clarify that I do not know anything about the world of WH40K (codices, chapters ...) except video games such as: DoW 1, 2 and 3 but I really appreciate the aesthetics of this world.
I would like to join SC in a new unit following a purchase on EBAY: A squad of scouts.

I wanted to concerve the design of the game, and concerning the rules I confess that I went a little randomly watching the other units.

Here are my questions:
-Is what the abilities of this unit that I created seem to you to be correct?
-What other equipment would you recommend to integrate?
-As for the cape, what kind of rule could I apply to it?

-Subsequently, I would also like to transfer the rules of SC to this kind of board:

What do you think ?

Thank you all for taking the time to read to me.
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Re: Scouts Squad

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It's difficult to work out the exact rules because they're written in German. Heavy weapon scouts move 3 and the others move 6, they should probably move 8 and I think they should definitely have an armour value of 1 as they're just scouts.

So a sniper rifle shoots with 2R but gets an extra dice instead of a reroll if it's fitted with a targeter? The lance missile looks the same as the missile launcher and I take it so is the frag grenade. Maybe the cape could raise armour by one if you're shot from more than twelve squares away?

Their are scout rules from White Dwarf. Commander: Bolt Pistol (presumably master crafted) (1R+1W) + Chainsword (1R+1W), 3 Bolt Pistol (2W) + Combat Knife (2W), 1 Hellfire Cannon + Combat Knife. The hellfire cannon can fire as a heavy bolter or as a missile launcher but after it fires as a missile launcher you have to give up a complete turn with it before it can fired as a missile launcher again but it can still fire as a heavy bolter. The hellfire cannon moves 6, the others move 8. The commander has an armour value of 2 and the others have AV1.

There's a 'diving prone' rule as well:
"Space Marine Scouts are very agile and can try to dive out of the way of a ranged attack. The only exception is Scout carrying the heavy bolter, who is too weighed down by the weapon to be able to dodge.

You can choose to dive prone after the Alien player has said he will make a ranged attack but before the dice are rolled. Only the Space Marine Scouts that are being attacked are allowed to dive prone.

Move the Space Marine Scout up to one square and place him on his side in the square to show the he is flat on the floor. This may mean the opponent can't attack, as he can't see the Space Marine Scout in his new square. If this is so, the attack is wasted and cannot be used to attack another target.

While on his side the Space Marine Scout can't move and is not allowed to dive prone again. He rolls one less dice in hand-to-hand combat. However his armour value goes up to 2 as he is much more difficult to hit.

You may choose to stand a Space Marine Scout up when you next move him. A Space Marine Scout that has to stand up may only move 6 squares instead of his normal 8 squares."

I hate that rule! It's also not clear (despite being stupidly over wordy) if the commander can do it and if he can what happens with his armour value, it's already 2 so does it go up to 3 and make him tougher than commanders in power armour? With my scouts they can simply attack during their movement, so they can take some of their movement, attack, then take the rest of their movement so they can take cover, sorted.