Sci-Fi terrain molds

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I think this belongs here...
They have a large range of interesting molds for sci-fi terrain [and more ranges, besides]

(Mort will like this one;)

I'll leave it at that. They have a few different ranges, and it's all lovely. Though, american.


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Re: Sci-Fi terrain molds

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Hirst Arts is one of those companies I've been looking at for years but never got round to buying any of their products. I first discovered them way back in 2002 when I was working on my Plaster Cast Dungeon and looking to see if anyone still stocked the Prince August Dungeon Builder moulds - turned out Prince August was still around but the Dungeon Builder moulds weren't, however I did come across Hirst Arts.

For a long time I was considering getting a basic set of the Fieldstone Wall Mold so I could build some more intricate rooms and features that the Prince August Dungeon Builder moulds weren't suited to, such as stairs and different sized arches.

I've seen some very impressive dungeons done using the Fieldstone Molds since, but discovering the MageKnight 3D Dungeon sets really revolutionised the way I make dungeons and as you know the Plaster Cast Dungeon doesn't get used any more. In recent years I have been considering getting a set of the Cavern Molds (the like ones seen above), because - well - I've been promising my gaming group cave sections for a while now

Plaster isn't my favourite material to work in however (because of setting times and durability issues) so that has rather puts me off, also the molds will eventually 'pay for themselves', but initially they are rather expensive, especially for those of us who have to get them shipped across from the US.

Some amazing stuff can be done with Hirst Arts molds though ...

 ^ The Cavern Molds can be used to make set-ups very similar to those of Dwarven Forge

 ^ The Sci-fi molds would make for an awesome Space Crusade set-up

 ^ 40k ruins - a good, if some what uninspired use for the Gothic Molds

 ^ and some other awesome stuff!
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Re: Sci-Fi terrain molds

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