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Scenarios/ Narratives

So, the games played of my zombie game have gone.. Fairly well. Balancing has been needed on one or two things, but in all it's been successful on the tabletop.

Now, I need to help speed up game plans. I have had to conjure random plans merely hours ahead of time for game scenarios, and have long since wished to have a thread, or even just one post that has a dedicated list of plots for games.

Survivors are tasked locating, protecting and escaping with, any number of "civilian" survivors.

The survivors must locate and procure items of value/ importance such as fuel, medical supplies or food.

A set amount of zombies start on the board at the start of the game, and the survivors must kill every last one of them.

The survivors must claim and protect a valuable area.

The survivors start in a defendable building/ area and must hold off zombies for a set number of turns.

Narratives: (Reasons for scenario, sub-missions, characters met, etc)
"The lost Trader";
A lone trader has been trapped in the area and would appreciate being saved. Gives special bonuses at the end of the game, decided by the GM (Half prices on all equipment bought before the next game, for example]

"Car's run out..";
Goes well in salvage missions, the survivors have been travelling in a vehicle of some sort and it's running out of fuel. They must locate a source of whatever fuel might work. The board has at least 6 barrels placed over it. Any survivor within 1" can check to see if it's "the right stuff". Roll a D6, on a 6 it is the fuel they need. Carrying it will half their movement. It must be dragged back into contact with the vehicle to be used.

Yea, more will be great.
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Re: Scenarios/ Narratives


Character Motivations:

The zombie apocalypse may have burnt the fields and razed the towns, but there's still plenty of opportunities to make money for a guy who knows where to find them

Lost Sibling:
Your brother joined the army only a month before the zombie plague broke out, god only knows where he is now, but you're determined to find him.

Strange Dreams:  
Ever since the zombie incident began, you've been dreaming of this strange cabin out in the woods somewhere. You must find out if this place is real and why you keep dreaming of it

Violent Occupation:
You've always been hired muscle for some one. The zombie apocalypse has just made your job more common, is all…

Total Destruction: 
Gone! Your whole town, your friends and family, all gone! Your only chance is to band together with some other survivors and see what fate brings your way.

Liz broke up with you just before the whole zombie thing happened. If only you can prove yourself worthy again. Perhaps if you could find her and show her you can protect her from the zombies she'll take you back.

What else is there to do?:
It's a short life, and you're sure as hell not going to wait for those zombie bastards to kill you whilst you stay here … no! you're going out all guns blazing!

You should have said that your neighbour had a strange rash on her arm.
Then the contamination squads would have come and taken her away and she wouldn't have turned into that… thing. All those people would still be alive…

Religious calling:
You had a dream. Jesus himself appeared to you. The Son of God told you that you had a job to do, a vital job in these dark times. You don't know what it is yet, but you're ready to do The Lord's work on earth


Going underground:
A newly discovered network of tunnels and sewers under the city attracts the attention of survivors brave enough to investigate.

Zombies all around:
Your survivors are bringing home a truck load of supplies, when they are ambushed by a group special infected zombies

The Cult:
A fucked up religious cult that 'worships' the zombies has captured a friend of yours you must rescue them before they can be sacrificed

The Shopping Centre:
An unimaginable amount of money, supplies and goods must lie in the shopping centre, unfortunately that part of the town is swarming with more zombies than anywhere else

The Convoy:
A very wealthy business man and his hired guards are travelling through the area, bearing a precious cargo, they are a tempting target for an ambush.

The Behemoth:
A wounded teenager has stumbled into your camp, battered and hysterical, he claims a giant ambushed him and his friends, and took their supplies.

The Asylum:
Long forgotten at the northernmost reaches of the city stands an abandoned asylum. What evil has gone on here? What menace lurks in the dank basement below?

On the Underground:
Your survivors must fight for their lives after a the ground gave way under them and dropped them into the heart the tube train system, the tunnels of course are dark and full of zombies!

The Toll Gang:
A gang has blocked a major road leading across the city and is demanding a toll from all who wish to pass.

Important Government Data:
A member of local government needs some one to retrieve a briefcase full of disks they left in a taxi when the out break occurred

A Few Good Men:
A former Army Officer is recruiting mercenaries for an expedition into the Ground Zero Zone where the outbreak first started

Bar Fight:
Lucas George has crossed you for the last time. It was pure luck that your paths should cross in this isolated town. He and his gang are relaxing in a bar unaware of your gang's approach. The bar is mostly deserted with only a few drunkards around to witness the fight.

The Necrofecker:
An unusual character has arrived in the city – a faceless wander with strange clothes and habits. He has caused a great disturbance not least because he claims to be able to control zombies with the power of his mind.

It lives … out in those woods:
Some unnamed beast came out of woods and ate one of your companions, not only that but he was carrying a newly acquired special weapon. Your only hope of retrieving the weapon is to track down the beast and kill it, but what else lurks in the woods.

Trapped in the Bank:
The infected are converging on the bank even as your survivors finally crack the safes open and get the money inside

The Old Mine:
The old coal mine seemed like a good place to hide out, until you discovered it was inhabited by zombies.

We Are Being Followed:
Your survivors discovers they are being followed by a strange creature that keeps to the shadows and watches you’re every move with glowing eyes.

Tricks and Traps:
The survivors must try to recover 5 supply crates from an overturned truck. Unfortunately for all concerned, the crates have been booby-trapped and may explode when picked up.
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Scenarios/ Narratives

In reply to this post by messyart
Excellent range of possiblities. And I'd love to get to use your dungeon set-up to play a game in!

Hostile soldiers;
The local area is being searched by a squad of paranoid soldiers, left stranded after the outbreak. They're killing and looting everything they can find, and have flushed out countless safehouses of their innocent owners just to claim checkpoints across the city.

They will attack and likely kill any survivor on site, and use weapons easily capable of levelling Behemoths.
In other words.. Your friends had best have played some first-person shooters before today, they're gonna need the mentality.

The squad size/ loadout will depend entirely on the "average" Tier of the survivors in play.

Mostly Tier 1; 2 soldiers [They count as a soldier-class survivor with a 4+ save] equipped with either (M) Assault rifles, (M) shotguns or (M) pistols of any kind, with any form of close combat weapon.
Mostly Tier 2; 3 soldiers equipped as above. One may wield a (M) rifle. They carry frag grenades.
Mostly Tier 3; 5 Soldiers equipped as above. One may wield a (M) Rifle. They carry frag grenades and each have a two handed (M) pistol. One may carry either a (M) Flamethrower, (M) Missile launcher or a (M) machine gun.

Each soldier grants £50/50exp per wound, and drops a single item upon their death, which any survivor can claim for themselves if they have space to carry it.
Mankinds first mistake; Questioning why those around him, are dying.