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Saving Money. Big money.

So, as I walked in to my local toy store to get something for my nephews birthday, I noticed a batch of Warhammer 40k models on the shelves, unusual considering they are never there. I looked for Orks, as an Space Ork player and noticed the following astonishing prices.

Ork Boyz: 10.00 euro
Ork Trukk: 14:00 euro
Ork Storm Boyz: 10.00 euro
(This next one made me feint)
Ork Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun: 15:00

As I had 90:00 euro, I naturally spent 49 quid, saving myself fantasy money.
Going out the door I told the shopkeeper get more Warhammer wherever she was getting it from. I am now sorted for summer

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