Sales and Discounts all round!

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Well Citadel £ineca$t is now on the shelves, GW's annual price rise has been applied and GW's share holders are celebrating even larger profit margins at the expense of their customers.

But how is the rest of miniatures industry responding to this? With sales and discounts of course! You see unlike GW they value YOU the customer and want to give you value for money and high quality products. (as opposed to rip-offs and rushed production) Now is a great time to stick 2 fingers up at GW and go buy some other miniatures and play other games - it's time (if you haven't already) to experience the real wider world of hobby-games (as opposed to the island dictatorship of GW). It's time to spend the money you would have spent on GW products on something else.

So lets take a look at what's going on in world of alternative wargaming and RPGs ...

HERESY MINIATURES (one of my favourite companies) currently has up to 42% discounts on their  miniatures. Already  some of the nicest and best value miniatures on the market these kind of discounts makes their miniatures an absolute steal of a bargain!  

Privateer Press, the makers of the awesome Warmachine, Hoards and Iron Kingdoms games are having their 10th year anniversary sale and that means you can pick any battlegroup box set, the associated faction tokens from their online store and receive a free copy of WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II or HORDES: Primal Mk II! and what's more there is free shipping too!

as mentioned before by LostamongtheBarrens OtherWorld Miniatures are having a sale with discounts all over their ranges - there has never been a better time to buy some of their finely crafted D&D monsters that you've always promised yourself!

If your looking to get into a different game system Ral Partha Europe currently have lots of special offers on their range of Rulebooks and Supplements including Vor, Crucible and Battletech. and of course you can still get their excellent miniatures at their normal bargain prices including a personal favourite the 'Das Schwarze Auge' miniatures which are a great source of miniatures for RPG characters and interesting monsters  

If you like Orcs, high quality plastic (and resin!) miniatures and excellent value for money then you really shouldn't be buying from GW ... you should be checking out Mantic's latests releases and their new Orc army deal. Also check out their awesome Chaos Dwarfs and other excellent armies, finer casting you will not find elsewhere! and that's not all, you can also get a FREE Orc sprue with your order!

As ever BlackTree the DFS of the miniatures world have a sale on! 30% off on most products and all you have to do is sign up! BlackTree ranges include some good WFB alternatives, Classic Dr Who figures (including Daleks!) and an extensive range of Historical miniatures

Now when was the last time GW gave you anything like the offers and discounts above? 15 years ago that's when!

PS if you know of any other miniature companies having sales going on at the moment add them to the thread!


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