Rob Reviews: Maxmini's M-guns

Posted by BobbieTheDamned BobbieTheDamned
Maxmini's "M-guns"

Price: €4.80 for ten guns (apprrox. £4.27 at time of review)

the guns

Now before I review these I have to give Maxmini some bonus points for customer service: my original order got lost in the christmas post, they happily re-sent my items when they hadn't arrived only for the original parcel to arrive back with them some time later.

What you get is ten resin guns for 28mm figures.When ordering these you can either specify how many of each gun you'd like or get a random selection.

The top gun in my photo is a decent representative of a XM177E1, a cut down M16 type weapon used by american special forces in vietnam. The big thing on the front isn't a silencer it is infact a 'moderator' to reduce muzzle flash and help the action to actually cycle.

The second is an early M16, infact an XM16E1. These are, to my knowlage, the only XM16E1 style guns available at the moment. Not to be confused with the later M16A1 (with rounded handguards) these are the weapons used during vietnam and have the straight 20 round magazines rather than the curved 30 round ones.

The last gun is also an M16 but with an underslung M203 grenade launcher.

Now these are all shown in a rather chunky and cartoon-y way but are all recogniseable. The only other seperate M16 style guns I could find in 28mm scale were made by The Assault Group, and were rather too modern for what I was after.

I've started converting some GW Catachan figures with these and the results are encouraging. I'll post some pictures once they're painted to a standard that's presenatble.

Historical Accuracy: 6/10 - recongnisable but defeantly not what I'd use if I was making actual historical miniatures.
Value for Money: 5/10 - pretty damn expensive, especially posted all the way from Poland!
Sculpting Quality: 8/10 - well sculpted but a little cartoony, the front sights are also not to my liking.
Production Quality: 9/10 - well cast resin pieces with no bubbles, and very little flash.
Personal Opinion:  9/10 - They're near perfect for what I was after.