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It's quite funny that MortiS (UK) reminded me that in the last days of October there's a "little" Comicon in the place where I live (Italy)...

In the city called Lucca (pron. looka) there's the main nerd fair of my country. It's a really HUGE event.
The first Lucca C&G was launched in 1966, it's the third fair in the World and the second in Europe. 155000 is the number of visitors in the 5 days of the convention in this year (about 55000 in the day where I was there) and Guys, let me say you that there was totally awesome, the convention takes place in the historic centre of the city! And the Lucca old town really seems a medieval city! Very suggestive.

How to describe it? Tons of videogames, cosplayers, comics, special guests, acion figures, movies, RPGs, live RPGs, wargames, miniatures (and our hobby is quite rare here in spaghettiland)... I really mean TONS of stuff!
There was a lot of old stuff too, and I was really glad to see old books republished even in Italian (like lonely wolf books) and the growing up of the indipendent games (especially wargames!).

You must take a look here

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Re: [Report] Lucca Comics & Games

Looks fun!

I've been to Lucca a few times (I was there last April), and I must say that I wouldn't have imagined this happening there at all!

Great pics Marco