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Recycler Arena Rules System

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Im not quite sure if this is allowed to post here since its more like a fanmade ruleset.
But since most wargames a pretty difficult and with many variables to keep in mind i tried to
create a child simple game that tho allows to define the various characteristics on the board.
Also included preview pictures of all found cyborg themed miniature manufacturers plus
my personal tweaked painting guide for beginners as well as runnaways.
Either copy the texts below or download the package from my skydrive.
Critiques and improvement ideas are very appreciated!

        RECYCLER ARENA 1.9


        In the chaos of a undefined future
        a macabre arena sport establishes.
        The so called Recyclers use advanced cyborg
        technologies to run deadly combat shows.
        They force their men like machines to
        fight against teams of other Recyclers.
        Any weapons are allowed and the last standing
        cyborgs win their expensive tech parts.
        The arenas arent too big and allow insight
        for spectators but also various structures.
        Recyclers who earned enough open their own
        arenas which are more than well visited.

        A simple chessboard plus a few cyborg miniatures
        are enough to start into this dark future.
        The following describes a simple but tricky game
        mechanic - in case of arguments let the dice decide.
        Consider using a dice shaker to avoid trick-rolling!
        Recommended is starting with 20 credits per team
        and the players display their figures on a document.
        One last thing - the miniatures with their weapons
        and armors shall visually represent the basic and bonus
        option choices and not veil any hidden powers so choose
        wisely - you gonna disappoint a actual playfellow!


        Size Lifes Range Credits      Special Rules

        small  1 -1 1        dodge +1

        normal  2 - 2 -

        big  3 - 3 -

        huge  4 +1 4 dodge -1 /push smaller

        Bonus Effect       Credits  Special Rules

        weak melee attack +2  1    -

        normal melee attack +3  2    -

        strong melee attack +4  3    -

        super melee attack +5  4  not small /2 lifes

        weak ranged attack +2  1    -

        normal ranged attack +3  2    -

        strong ranged attack +4  3  melee self attack

        super ranged attack +5  4  not small /melee self attack /2 lifes

        weak armor defense +1  1    -

        normal armor defense +2  2    -

        strong armor defense +3  3    -

        super armor defense +4  4  not small

        Special - multiplied prices for additionals /no doubling.

        quick move range +1  3  not small

        quick attack +1 attack  3    -

        over view 180° radius  3    -

        extra life +1 life  3  not small

        ranged melee +1 range  3    -

        quick aim attack +1  3    -

        super dodge dodge +1  3    -  

        pushing push movement  3  one field /not bigger

        targeting   dodge -1  3      -  



        One action either MOVE with DODGE or ATTACK plus turning for all characters.

        But no facing direction change before attacking while one turn.

        In predefined order all figures alternately also when more than two players.  

        Basic movement =2 fields /basic attacks =1 /basic sight radius =90°x8 center base mark.

        Targets must be included at least 50% and in case of doubts dicing out.

        Close combat range three face fields for 90° and five for 180°.

        HASTE - if the previous action was moving in the following turn a character

        gains movement +1 field for all following movements until change.



        Melee attacks basically only with field contact.
        Ranged if target not covered by other figures /maximal 50% by hard cover except huge.

        DODGE - attacker and target player rolls 1D6 dice and adds/subtracts dodge modificators.

        Only during movement and in close combat range +1 only when facing the attacker.

        Successful result either avoids or confirms the attack.

        AWAIT - attacker may re-roll against dodging if target coming in sight e.g. around a corner.

        AIM - attacker may re-roll against dodging when no movement in attackers previous turn.

        ATTACK - attacker and target players roll 1D6 dice and add weapon/armor/ect. bonuses.

        Draws encourage defenders /6:1 always wins.

        Sucessfull attacks cause 1 life loss.

        All bonuses basically apply permanently.



Tabletop newcomers sometimes tend to waste their half life through a few significant mistakes!
Im speaking from experience since my affection for this hobby led me to those wrong ways.
But if you like to become a beginner or start completely new these tips gonna be useful.
When you found a game like warzone youre firstly sort of blinded by its possibilities of choices.
But dont go fanatic and start collecting a entire army - instead study the different unit types
and compare the available miniatures to choose a maximum of three units of your interest.
Then search the books for the best suitable enemies also by tactics and miniature choices.
But dont make the mistake to use different scales which some systems unfortunately have.
This way you can have a interesting set which is less massive but more entertaining.
Not only that you can now play alone - easily invite friends to some overviewable sessions.
Now comes the biggest mistake of wargaming in general - the first miniatures paint.
You may think its easy to paint details like shadows and highlights but thats wrong.
All the other figures waiting would possibly need lots of more uncalculated time.
And the worst thing is: overperfected paints indeed drastically devalue the gaming experience.
Believe it or not - i claim miniatures in one colour are better gaming tools than detailed.
So its the best way to simply paint on the different colours like uniforms leathers and skins.
Forget all other painting instructions since they are only good for showcase miniatures.
Dont apply any foundations whether white nor even black and use a big brush
to cover the materials and build a everywhere resistant layer (except metals).
Expert tip: applying colour inks on bare metal or foundation equals great metallic effects!
Test if you like to apply darker washes or not and leave the figures like this.
But first try different colour schemes with pencils on paper until you found the best combination.
And under no circumstances start painting uncleaned figures and if you must remove old colours use
for metal laque thinner and for plastic brake fluid or fairy ultra spray (expert tip)!
If you although think my paintskills are much better and my figures be more special then
you can try to experiment with advanced undercoating and wetbrushing after tint applications.
Therefore its basically important to create thicker layers on certain higher structures.
But the unarguable advantage is that wetbrushed paints are by far more resistant than normals.
For good figures always use brightest possible colours like e.g. orange instead of brown.
Also plan some terrain and use textil colours to create a terrain mat from cotton lace.
Then build a few simple cardboard ruins and and cover them the same way.
Also goos are plastic foam plates (construction isolations) which can represent hills and such.
I prefer to tighten parts of the coloured cotton laces on them but painting is easier.
Add later abit more expression to the figures by drawing huger eyes on them.
If possible use changeable bases for other terrains and dont glue the figures in.
Thats basically all you should consider to have a great start in the new hobby.
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ScieneFiction Miniature Models

Heres also another thread of mine with a preview collection
of all found general science fiction miniature manufacturers:
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Re: Recycler Arena Rules System

In reply to this post by Kaal979
Im already planning a rewrite where every circumstance gets an explainable name like e.g.
"Aiming" what the players can say when a figure didnt move in the previous turn and this likes.
Im also thinking about implementation of somekind of blocking action like when lets say dodging
instead of being added caused a diceroll by the concerning players to detect if actually a hit at all
happens what although seemed abit weird since other actions like hiding what is pretty much the
same still were defense bonus additions - i must figure it better out so stay tuned.
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Recycler Arena Rules System Update Version 1.7 - 1.8

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Kaal979
New version 1.7 with minor changes as described above!

P.S.: Please who can make
a few testgames and report!

P.S.2: Version 1.8 with
targeting special added.
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Recycler Arena Rules System 1.9

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Kaal979

The Legendary Recycler Arena TopTable Rules Have Been Updated To 1.9!!!


Also included a great pictured collection
of many various cyborg miniatures!

P.S.: Im not unproud to mention that these rules sorta
invented the muzzleflash markers and for wounds just
small red blood-like markers could be placed on the bases.