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also, just found this article here which i wouldnt normally give much creedence too apart from the stormlord has come to pass very recently! the plastic stormtroopers look chunky but im not sure about the hellhound... the article on bell of lost souls got me VERY aroused. the ratlings look too cool for school and the other stuff looks ok too. better ratlings picks can be seen here along with other models im not sure about. does this mean the resin (and very awesome) style hellhound will be plastic? also shows valks on the sprue and new catachan and cadian advisors

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Re: IG news from a top flight source

Wow thats a lot to take in all at once!

I'm always highly skeptical when I see 'pre-release' pictures on rumour threads, as should we all be (I've seen screen shots from 'Dawn of War' passed off as CAD work for new models recently)
I'm still plowing through it all at the moment, but here's a few thoughts off the top my head as we go

first up, the Hellhound intrigues me because 1- it's a GC picture and not a real model and 2 – the unusual hull shape. Compare to the current Hellhound/Chimera hull (which uses an extra top plate to modify the basic hull used for the Griffin/Basilisk)  

^the new? Hellhound

^the current Hellhound

this indicates to me that a different hull top altogether would be used to modify the basic hull, but due to the angles of the front plate and the limitations of plastic molding, I am skeptical that this could be made in plastic. Also note that the Inferno Cannon turret doesn't seem to sit centered on the turret ring and the sticky-out-engine-cover bits on the of outside tracks don't stick out as far and have different detailing.

Considering the quality of  recent plastic troop kits, have my doubts that those storm troopers are going to plastics, more likely they are going to be resin. The annoying thing about the stuff from the first link is that it's completely out of context and there is no indication of where the pictures are from other than 'The Web'

The stuff on Bell of Lost Souls looks pretty impressive, we know already that Valk's are on the way so thats good. The picture of the pages look like they might be from a catalog or collector's guide rather than a codex. The 2 Stompa Gargants and the Leman Russ with the 'Chaingun' on the turret are conversions done by studio staff and appeared the March issue of Apocalypse Monthly ... er ... I mean WD.

The new Steam Tank looks great and has been a long time coming (I wonder if it will be the same price at the metal one like they did with the Balrog) and Dragon picture I will talk about in a separate post. It's nice to know Warhammer Fantasy Battle still exists a little.

The Ratling miniatures look nice, but I still find the concept of Space-Hobbit Snipers hard to swallow

The Ork Storm Boyz look great, especially the one with the rocket-pack wearing Grot holding on to his shoulder

and the plastic Ent looks as lame as ever

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