Raven Guard Scouts

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Hey guys

Here is a squad of sniper scouts I bought on ebay already painted for 5 pounds!

The three on the right show the original paint, the two on the left I have almost finished painting for my raven guard army.


I am currently collecting some parts to make a Counts-As Sergeant Telion. He'll be the sergeant of 1st Scout Squad 10th Company. I could only find 1 reference to a scout sergeant from Raven Guard and it was Sergeant Uirroth who is the sergeant of 2nd Scout Squad 10th Company. So I found a 40k name generator and came up with a badass 40k name - 1st Scout Sergeant Darius Helix.

I've found a cool tutorial to make a Stalker pattern bolter from a regular bolter and a que-tip so I'll upload some picks of that when he's done. My question is which head should I use for Sergeant Helix? These are my top 3 from what I had in my head box.


They are space wolf heads but I think they match the grizzled, battle-hardened persona of Telion. I'm leaning towards the one on the right, but let me know what you guys think.

Also, I am painting the scouts camo cloaks green with dark grey spots/patches for some basic camo effects. I want to paint Helix's cloak differently to help distinguish him as the Sergeant, because he'll have a regular camo cloak like the others and you might notice from the first pic that I'm using the regular Sergeant model as one of the regular scouts, I've just given him a bolt pistol. I'm thinking of giving Helix an autumn snow camo cloak, dark grey with dark red and light grey patches. Or maybe light grey with lots of dark grey and dark red patches, what do you guys think?

Once the parts arrive I'll post pics of my progress with Raven Guard 10th Company 1st Scout Squad Sergeant Darius Helix!


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Re: Raven Guard Scouts

Sergeant Helix trained under Sergeant Telion during his time training Raven Guard scouts. Helix was one of Telion's Best students and he rose quite quickly through the ranks as both a scout and a space marine. He served as Sergeant of the 2nd Devastator Squad, 3rd Company under Shadow Captain Shrike until he was succonded back to 10th Company to serve as Sergeant of the 1st Scout Squad at the request of Shadow Captain Korvydae. Helix's prowess with long range weaponry combined with his uncanny marksmanship meant that he was generally regarded as the Chapter's finest marksman. His signature grey and red camo cloak was presented to him by Sergeant Telion upon completion of his training in recognition of his skill and versatility as a scout.
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Re: Raven Guard Scouts

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