RUMOUR: the 2011 "summer of fliers"

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we dont really have a dedicated rumour section here on LatD but Im sure many of your have heard the buzz regarding the fliers and aircraft either with us or enroute to your 40k battlefield.

you can poo-poo all you want but the fact remains there already HAVE been some mind blowing flier models released in plastic and every newish codex has room for more, in particular the D.E and 'nids.

the Imperial Guard was first to blink with the technically stunning Valkyrie. If you have had to chance to assemble or play with one of these models you will know the size and detail is all kinds of awesome. And as the doom sayers predicted the world has not turned black and imploded. Fliers do not break the game... and while the new Stormraven is plug ugly at 200pts for armour 12 its hardly game winning...

so back to the original premise: this so called "Summer of Fliers". Both the nids are due a large plastic flying beastie and the Dark Eldar list has a couple of assault planes and what not there in black and white. Over at Bell Of Lost Souls this post was offered up:

rumored as July wd rule set
Apoc style rules, strafing/bombing runs, rapid insertion/extraction, special missions, dogfighting?
Thunder hawk is NOT likely
Codex based releases...
Dark eldar raven
Eldar night wing?
Ig hydra
Nid harpy
Non codex releases...
Ig thunderbolt
Csm hell blade
Tau remora
No necron release?
Ork fighta/bomma

now reading that list some things make sense: DE Raven- well thats a codex legal entry and would be a logical model to produce. The IG Hydra would fit just nice into a flier type war, so that makes sense too. the Harpy only makes sense in the "SoF" scenario if it has some sort of Air to Air shooting attack... but if it does then this also would be a good idea.

if all the "Obvious" fliers and AA vehicles are released then maybe it also makes sense to include the Chaos Hellblade and the Tau Remora, meaning other armies can join the fun. logically any or all of these models could be possible but to be honest the one that catches my eye is the IG Thunderbolt:

you FUCKING KNOW i will be on this like a bad bikini...

and the Ork fighta too??? so... what are we going to have a non epic scale Aeronautica Imperialis?

your thoughts, as well as any other related rumours would be appreciated!


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Re: RUMOUR: the 2011 "summer of fliers"

^ Here they come! more big expensive plastic kits from GW
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Re: RUMOUR: the 2011 "summer of fliers"

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I distinctly remember finding a template of the Thunderbolt..
Be tempting to make one for myself, personally.
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