REVIEW: cities of death buildings

Posted by General Biakal General Biakal

ruined Manufactorum and ruined Sanctum Imperialis


£15 each


these models are getting pretty old now but they still hold up- in fact its hard to think of a time when the only ruins we could get were polystyrene and necromunda bulkheads! when these three kits came out it pretty much changed the gaming universe. plastic, well made, chunky buildings? not made of poly and packing materials? wow!

now i literally can't describe my contempt for the Shrine Of Aquilla (when my G/F saw it even she said "theres not much to it is there... its boring" but these older, better kits still make me smile.
firstly, it all mixes and matches so you can create some really big crazy buildings. secondly it is crammed with nooks and details that you can either pick out, paint to pro standard orjust leave blank. nice levels of detail. most i suspect would be happy with a drybrush of dark grey but no doubt some mad tit will fully paint the lot.

the fit it pretty good too but as what your essentially building is a ruin there is some leeway with fit and warpage anyway.

i bought two kits recently and to be honest i would only recomend the Manufactorum. it just seemsto be a more versatile and bigger building... the two double doors on the Sanctum take away a lot of versatility (even tho they look fucking boss)

the only real thing to worry about is the scale. what scale? well any idiot would tell you... its inquisitor scale. it just is. the door handles are HEAD HEIGHT for a normal IG model... on his BASE! im pretty sure if ]I[ wasnt such an epic epic fail these would be sold as Inqusitor scenery. the fact they came out just after tells me they were developed together.

its also decent value for money... for £15 you get a real huge chunk of placcy. which sort of defeats the argument about plastic being expensive in bulk.... the best way by far to build cities of death buildings tho is at the hobby bar in lenton. you can build unruined or lightly ruind buildings there if you want plus have access to more bits than normal and also as far as i remember its only £10. and they spray it for you.

top tips tho- start in the corners lads.


1. value for money
2. chunky tonka toy style detail
3. fit and general finish
4. there is a lot of scope for conversions
5. nice extra bits like lamps
6. goes together like lego only more war


1. scale- reach for that handle stumpy!!
2. only ruins? un fucked buildings please
3. its fine if your imperial player... Wot No Xeno?
4. -
5. -
6. -


well worth it. best buy is the imperial sector at £50. also try the hobby bar at lenton.