REVIEW: Weapons of WWII by Alexander Ludeke

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REVIEW: Weapons of WWII by Alexander Ludeke

General Biakal

Its war!! Hurrah!! if your like me you just love reading books with all big pictures of tanks and guns and stuff in it. if fact the only kind of book i like reading more are the ones where guys send in naked pictures of their chicks.

but there are no naked chicks in THIS book.... its just as erotic tho. Guns, tanks, trucks, fucking MORE tanks, planes, ships, subs... all of em. the vast majority of sidearms, weapons, vehicles and aircraft from all the major belligerents. and Italy.

The guy who wrote it is a squarehead, so to be honest there is a slight leaning towards German stuff, but the American, British/Commonwealth and Japanese stuff is almost as comprehensive. Organised in seven sections with plenty of text and tech specs its also full of photos and full colour print drawings so there is a lot of eye candy for those what dont read so good.

what is cool is the detail on the pictures... more than once i have taken ideas from these pictures to add details, extras and decals to my own 40k tanks. Its also nice spotting where the Leman Russ got some of its design details from... yes, there are lots of WW2 tanks in that genepool!

a great book for geeks, or war mentals. But as a hobbyist it can also be a handy resource.

I paid £8 for mine from tesco. but i bet you could do just as well online if one were so inclined.


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