REVIEW: IG command kits

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Cadian and Catachan Command Box

£15 each


two words... At Last. At Last indeed. this is by far the most important kit for IG ever.... blah blah blah

Right, enough waffle. There are two kits, one cadian and one catachan. both have five figures with loads of extra arms, heads, torsos and weapons. One sniper, one plasma rifle, one melta gun, a heavy flamer, a normal flamer, bolt pistols, las pistols and all flavours of stuff in between. both have unique parts for both the main plastic IG forces and because of this your better off thinking of it as a general gaurd upgrade sprue rather than a specific "HQ" set. but which one do you want? well, if your catachan, the catachan one- forget the cadian. if your cadian then you really really want both.

in general the catchan one is a better kit with interesing sculpts and much more detail. swords, more versatile weapons and heads and general "bits" really suit making characterful veteran squad. i think they foresaw the "Veteran spam" list as whineseer call it and nudged the command sprues towards it.

the Cadian box is more for upgrading the more mainstream units. the long coated torso can be made easily into a commissar, for instance. if you use lots of platoons and want a "Parade Ground" cadian army then go for it- the officers baton is a nice touch, as is the robot armed power sword and Guard scale powerfist (no more hacking away at terminators!

the ret-conn of the catachan bodies is good too- before this the two ranges were not compatible. now they fully swap which is pretty awesome. the old catachans are looking really long in the tooth now but no wonder really. also look ot for the lad with a knuckle duster.... nice!


1. catachan sprues are amazing
2. cadian sniper- although the cape join is pretty bad
3. you can customize independent characters so you can indeed have all plastic armies
4. a few of the cadian heads are mind blowing
5. big fucking swords
6. lots of bitz bitz bitz


1. most of the cadian bits really
2. the one piece bodies on the catachan kit are pending my approval
3. bad sculpts on the cadian legs... really bad
4. maybe more left hands would have been nice
5. the banners look like they are really hard to paint well unless you kick ass
6. more flamers and grenade launchers? really? do we need those?

get the catachan one. its better. if you can afford it get both. long story, short.



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Re: REVIEW: IG command kits

After your review il poss get the catachan command kit just for the bits to bo towards a special sqd and my vet sqd cheers buddy.

Game on.
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Re: REVIEW: IG command kits

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iv added some comments mark- they might help you decide even more
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