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General Biakal
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IA8- raid on kastorel-novem...

pretty pretty artwork


a near unbelieveable £45


IG- for info yes, but if you use vulture gunships or plan on using the new buggies, yes.
SM- not really. your egos have been massaged by being included but even at £15 you might be a bit dissinterested in proceedings... at £45 you will shit the bed.

I have just read the fluff section of IA8- raid on kastorel-novem, a torrent of new IG and Ork fluff.
the story goes like this- A waaaagh! is forming, so as per usual the guard are sent in with high hopes and clever plans, the Space Marines are, like, JUST SOOO HARD LOLZ !!111!! and there is much war and adventure to be had. but in the end the Orks hand the IG their ass while the SM's get a little spanked cos they let the guard do all the actuall fighting and instead just flew around being gay and overpowered.

its okay writing for FW and while is less detailed and less "flowery" than Vraks its still not what you might call "literature". but in all fairness its better than i could do so hey. usual FW typos...

but after all the fluff the fact is - after all its a story- but entertaining and interesting.

this really feels like a bible for Elysians at first, moving onto an ork bible later. but as per usual Marines have been shoehorned in. i remember a post on warseer where someone posted  about Vraks "why do they have to put SM in it? they ruin everything!" and in this they do- they teally add nothing to the procedings apart from a FW writer wanking them off so much they get sore.

there is not actually much for the SM player and to be honest its not worth buying for the RavenGuard. a couple of characters and special rules and a few nice colour plates. all of wich you can no dount find online on forums. dont bother.

the marjority of the main  fluff is about the new buggies and no wonder, as those models are amazing. its also nice to see a bit of new fluff from the Orks point of view. as a orky player you will find STAKS of info... its virtually a new chapter to the codex. includes rules for all the new ork FW models including the new heavy deffcopter and the cute grot tanks.

as per usual there are lots of full colour pics, highly detailed and well coloured. plus the book itself feels "nice" and well made- its a thing of quality.

 it does seem to have a full new list for Elysians with lots of new options. as well as lots for the orks and stuff for the Ravenguard. the latter meh, the former epic in scale...

for a different IG list that is Valk heavy this is a good choice... just bear in mind the veterans squad as listed as BS3... until this is proved to be a typo be aware veteranspam with BS4 might well be cheating.


1. elysians getting love
2. vultures are like- super-dakka-killer-wasps
3. the buggies seem like a bad choice apart from modelers... FA is a tough slot
4. lots of awesome pics and breakdowns of troops
5. nice quality book
6. nice fluff for orky blokes


1. come on- for fucks sake £45.
2. as per usual the wanky kiddies army of SM are of course included
3. the fluff is hardly "literature"
4. did i mention £45?
5. wot no proof read?


as per usual this book is both a must have and financially unreachable. for the avid gamer who loves FW then no doubt it will be a boon. for others it will be a treat, something to save for. Orks need it their lives, Guard if they fancy it.

"WAAAAGH! VROOM VROOM!!! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Dead gud innit yoof?!" - typical Mekboy sales pitch