REVIEW: FW thudd gun

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Thudd Gun


£19 now but im sure mine was £17 (plus a base- bastards)


Forge world... well, where do we start? yearsago many looked at FW and saw amazing models with frankly ridiculous prices, out of reach of mere mortals. things change...

the thudd gun. relic of the Squats, outdated piece of crap thats been bouncing round since 2nd ed? dont you believe it baby- this is a nice model. on the table iv not really had any great shakes with it but as you can see in my modeling section mine cam out quite pretty- its almost a one stop diarama.

its madeup of the following parts: the limber, the wheels, the front plate (craked on mine- grrrr) and the two halves of the gun itself. and an ammo crate which i never bothered with.

My first though was to swop the wheels for scout bike wheels to make it fit in with my Cadian army but to be honest it wasn't right. nowhere near big enough so in the end i stuck it out with the steelies and was glad i did.

assembly was fine and dandy until i realised- no base! luckily i had noticed at the till and had to buy the valkyrie base for pretty much a fiver. that makes this model a bit expensive

rules wise it an Elites choice which is nice, its a little overcosted but so is most FW. against Orks and 'nids i imagne it is very nasty- 4 barrage S5 AP5 small templates right down your fucking chimney? who wants that?


1. looks very "IG" and would fit in with Cadian and Catachan easily
2. fit on mine was pretty good
3. if used in the right way could really stomp some holes on the table... other IG should be worried
4. rare
5. useful for diaramas
6. fills a nice gap between mortars and basilisk


1. price- it seems to be creeping up
2. no base- see above
3. even tho its not that terrible ppl fear it so some cunnas might not let you use it. Agree on FW first
4. usual drunk chimps in FW quality control
5. some bizzare rules
6. front glacis very thin and brittle on mine, ammo crate seemed out of scale


i like it, i enjoy using it in battles. what more could you want? any IG army could use this and it makes an amazing centrepiece. be nice if it was £15 or £17 with base. you just end up with a plastic flying stem for no reason.


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Re: REVIEW: FW thudd gun

I'v just noticed this has gone up to £20 now which has fully hacked me off.
"WAAAAGH! VROOM VROOM!!! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Dead gud innit yoof?!" - typical Mekboy sales pitch