REVIEW: FW cadian upgrade sprues

Posted by General Biakal General Biakal

Cadian Upgrade with respirators/veterans with shotguns


£28 all in., £17 and £11 respectivly


Forge world... well, where do we start? years ago many looked at FW and saw amazing models with frankly ridiculous prices, out of reach of mere mortals. nowadys however, compared to mainstream GW lots of their stuff looks pretty good value.

firstly then lets look at the cheaper but in my mind better value upgrade kit, the Veterans with Shotguns.

I really think they might have re-done the mold for this, as the one i bought last year was nowhere near as crisp as the one i got recently. The pictures on the FW site give you a pretty good idea on what to get... 4 torsos with shotguns, one loose shotgun, several pouches and grenades and some heads. all pretty good.

sadly tho the torsos only come in two poses and the belt of shotgun shells used to make two look different pretty much need to be cut off right away as they interfere with the gluing of the legs. that said they do match the plastics VERY well and the shotguns look nice.

The heads look nice too and there are two bare headed bits that really should be saved for characters and not wasted on what is essentially a troops choice. the head that is all bandaged up is not really to my taste but it is pretty characterful. nicely tho one of the veteran heads (shaven head, high cheekbones) returns in the Upgrade pack wearing a resi. useful for special characters with a choice of equipment.

this kit individually is £11. not bad cos if your clever thats all you need fpr a 10 man squad... 5 shotties, 3x special weapons and either a HW team or a SGT with different weapon and one trooper with CCW and pistol.

the second kit; infantry upgrade

£17 which i think is a little steep but you do get a fair amount. on the day at Lenton i got the one with respitrators just because the other kit just was a mess in the bag- flash city. Its cool tho cos the resi heads look mean and will fir nice with my cammo cloaked veterans.

As for the other bits, well like the last kit you can see wha you get on The FW site. demo charges, ammo crates filled with las-charges, pouches, grens, heads, pistols and a power sword. the best bit by far tho is the officer/sergeant torso drawing a las-pistol. like the other 4 resin torsos they fit in with the plastic just fine.


1. lots of bits to make a real difference to your squads
2. fits is with your plastics easily
3. not that bad value for money (infantry upgrade is in debate)
4. quirky and full of character
5. not everyone has them so a little out of the ordinary at comps
6. everyone knows shotguns fucking rock.


1. fit not always perfect
2. flash city
3. some warpage- power sword in particular
4. the dust when trimming the mold lines will give you head AIDS and blood cancer
5. could be a touch (A TOUCH) cheaper...
6. FW usual quality control lottery means you really should get it from lenton retail

worth it. versatile, characterful, ideal to create a real talking point unit for your Cadian army. You also get that rosy feeling of value for money too. also relativley exclusive.