REVIEW: FW Vulture

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Vulture gunship (and separate Punisher cannons)


£55 (£10)


I picked up a nice big box from the post office on saturday and sat there wetting my pants till i got home (which is no cool thing to do in a Jaguar with leather seats- yes, a A Jag... touch me) well. I cant help feeling i got lucky- this is a really good cast. i suppose i always say that from FW so maybe the horror stories we hear are more urban myth than WORD.

right, Mythbusters part 1- you do not get a full Valkyrie kit with this model... you get three sprues- the one you dont get is the Valk body sprue. you still get the door gunners and all the other bits (and the nose- i forgot to check but maybe in a mad moment one might want to swop the resin vulture nose for the plastic Valkyrie one... and forgoe the awesome HB turret)

Mythbusters part 2- its really not that hard but dont expect the fit to be perfect. the wing booms dont fit that well onto the engine but apart from that everything was very logical and organised... like with the tail booms, they have asemetrical pegs so you dont get the tail planes the wrong way round by accident.

the HB turret is fucking mint and im sure they should put it as standard an Valks... if not with a HB then at least a sensor suite. its also peg mounted so can traverse- Blue Thunder anyone?

im not overly enamoured with the base mounting star on the bottom but im sure i will live with it- its not quite deep enough.

it went together very quickly- mostly during the Bahrain GP.

the Punisher cannons are also pretty good. two multi barrelled dick-slappers with ammo drums and feed belt. again no cast problems.

"oh" you are thinking "this sounds piece of piss! experience modelers only my ass! where do i buy one LOL!!!11111"


just when you think its all going swimmingly FW hand you an anvil.

Anvil, thy name is weapon hardpoint spacers. "how do I know where to put the second weapon hardpoint" says I

"using the spacer" says FW "the sprue the hardpoints come on have grooves perfectly designed to space them out!"

"what", i reply " the fucking warped mess of a thing that gets even more warped when you cut the Hardpoints out of it? and you need to cut the harpoints out to mount them in the spacer? and that that actually as a spacer is no good to no cunt?"

"the very same! [smug grin]"

"I'll fucking guess then..."

On to more positive subjects... the rules. oh man i love this bit. Fast? check. Cheap? fuck yeah.... 155 points for the most desirable loadouts- 4 rocket pods or the punisher.
Clever tactics? God yes. with 4 rocket pods it can move 12" and fire all 4 PLUS its HB. thats 4 large blasts and 3 S5 AP4 shots. and the punisher cannons? well- its ONE twin linked. so it can move 12" and brass any fucker in range twinlinked stylee all day. and well into Night fighting rules too one assumes.

Plus it looks as badass as a drunk wasp and as of writing i hear its a Heavy Support slot. But this is open to change from IA8. if it ends up FA i might keep that quiet to be honest...


1. looks awesome to the maxxx x10
2. good rules set and points
3. rare
4. tooled up with 4 hardpoints
5. Blue Thunder style front turret
6. huge big fucking engine and more control surfaces make it look more manouverable than Valkyrie


1. cast vents. lots of em.
2. hardpoint non-spacers
3. base mount rickety (but might be my imagination)
4. some fit issues
5. should really be in the core codex and in all plastic if they are honest
6. i really dont like the landing legs at the rear- are the control surfaces too? if not- landing struts with prooper pads please


if you play IG and your daddy owns his own light engineering company than i say go for it. the problem might come when it is confirmed as a Fast Attack slot as they are pretty highly contested in IG. its not one i would recommend to everyone but worth a punt if your interested in brassing up the baddies



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Re: REVIEW: FW Vulture

Looks and sounds not too bad mate, Mortis is getting me A grendal one that looks like it will make a good gunship. In a few weeks i hope to have it built and put on for review.

Game on.
-- Mark RG (Game on)
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Re: REVIEW: FW Vulture

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I was thinking the other day...

If I were ever beaten around the head for about 12 hours with half a brick in a sock, I might consider owning sparkly red twilight marines with wings!

If I ever did, I'd use the punisher cannons to remake the turret on the speedy tanks!

Then again, I do love that gun enough to just buy a pair and strap them on a battlewagon or deffdred for shitengiggles.