REVIEW: EM4's range of metals- zombie hunters, bikers etc

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EM4's whole range of metal models


£1.25. yes, really.


far be it for me to tell you how to live your life but if you don't THIS INSTANT go and buy some of the models im going to fucking rape you.

the link is here: go on, click it

there is no way i can review every single model but the bottom line is- they are metal, very well made, fit GW slottabases and are cheap. a platoon of the metal paramilitary troopers would be cheaper than GW plastics and look better. take a while to browse the site- they are very good.

necromunda fans will love the future skirmish range, in particular these babies


1. cheap
2. not GW
3. the guy i bought them off is a teeny bit mental and eccentric
4. well cast, well posed


1. at £1.25 per model? what could be wrong?


i like them- they offer a large range of cheap sci fi, zombie and fantasy models and have a nice attitute.



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Re: REVIEW: EM4's range of metals- zombie hunters, bikers etc

I have a few of these models although sometimes a little small they are great models, Me and mort will buying some soon. M
-- Mark RG (Game on)
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Re: REVIEW: EM4's range of metals- zombie hunters, bikers etc

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I've got a few of them as well, some great sculpts in that range. Still need to get some of the Troopers with NBC suits for zombie games.
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Re: REVIEW: EM4's range of metals- zombie hunters, bikers etc

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Yea EM4 have some great metal models, I have quite a few the Future Skirmish ones from back when the range was owned by another company (Grenadier I believe – most the base tabs have 'G' on them).

Here's a few favourites of mine from the ranges and some recommendations of which ones to buy.

 ^ Scruffy Ronin Ref: OB102 (£1.25)
I think it's fair to say everyone loves Samurai miniatures and the Oriental Blades (unpainted) range are some of the nicest and certainly the best value you'll find

 ^Proto-Shoggoth, attacking Ref: 2010b (£1.70)
EM4 carry a great range of Lovecraftian Horrors and victims ... er ... I mean investigators in their Dunwich Detectives range

 ^ Civilian, Lady in long dress Ref: 3706d (£1.25)
this miniature is actually from the Space Lords range, but would make a nice damsel in distress type for fantasy games

 ^ Phagon Beastman with heavy flamer - standing Ref: 3244a (£1.25)
yea I've mentioned these guys before, excellent for bulking out your 40k chaos forces or as mutant types for post-apocalypse games

 ^  0041 Gentleman Scavenger. Stunbrella. Bowler hat. Morningsuit (£1.25)
From the Future Skirmish Range, IMHO one of the most awesome miniatures ever. Should a post-apocalypse campaign kick off among my gaming group this will top choice for my character

 ^ 0030 Savage. Shotgun. Skull on Sashimono (£1.25)
also from the Future Skirmish range, many of the Savages miniatures seem to have been based on characters from the Mad Max movies, great for Necromunda and/or GorkaMorka gangs

 ^ 0329 Skeletal Robot. Assault Cannon  (£1.25)
be it T800s or Necrons or whatever you want them to be, the Future Skirmish range comes up trumps again, these are low-cost killer androids for any Sci-fi game! Need I say more ...

^ 0063 Guitarist with Machine Pistol (£1.25)
a 'Rocker' again from the Future Skirmish range. This guy has long hair, an electric guitar and a gun, now to model him onto a scenic base so he can be standing on the desecrated corpse of god!

0460 Street Bike and rider (£2.50)
Last one from the Future Skirmish range I promise, a Japanese style motor bike and the rider has a Katana, time to dig out some manga for the early 90's and start writing a campaign based around it

^ Dwarf Giant Cannon Ref: 9007 (£15.95)
from the Fantasy Warriors range
Cheaper than a Dwarven Cannon from GW and 3 times the size, if you collect Dwarfs you want this believe me!

 ^  Hero with 2 Handed Sword Ref: 0113 (£1.25)
To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. That's 3 reasons to buy the The Barbarians miniatures from EM4's Fantasy Warriors range, this particular miniature also makes a great stand-in for the HeroQuest barbarian

 ^  Halfling hero Ref: 0135 (£1.05)
The other night a guy in a black hooded cloak came up to me and said “Sssshire .... Bagginssss”
so I said “If your looking for Halflings check out EM4's range” (again from the Fantasy Warriors range)

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