REVIEW: Boring machine (so awesome my eyes hurt)

Posted by General Biakal General Biakal

Boring Machine from ramshackle

£8 (fucking suck it FW)


I think im in love. I am pretty inspired by this model... and to be honest if i wasnt so down at the hobby and busy with other projects right now i could see me themeing a whole IG regiment around these babies...

Slightly cyber-punk yes, but they also would fit in with 40k quite well. the new Elysian list in IA8 might also help with a themed army. it being infantry heavy and all.

as for that actual model, to be honest i can only guess cos i dont have one. but you can see its a decent size, it looks very detailed and an ok scale. It is very cheap tho, so it may be a bit crappy round the edges but all the evidence (i.e. the picture on their website) points to it being a quality model.

There are a lot of things of interest on their website which no doubt you all know about already as you normally do when i put these links up!

PS: actually... how awesome would it be to do a SM chapter who instead of drop pods use these????


1. it looks amazing and dynamic
2. the example ones are painted up very well, so that gives hope that it takes paint and weathering from us mere mortals
3. its a nice scale and can be used with different systems... i could even see it as a fookin huge one in epic...
4. the improved one in a separate picture looks even better
5. its so cheap...
6. the moulded rubble and detritus looks good and its at a nice angle (see 1 i guess)


1. it might be cheap for a reason
2. some of the lines and detail look a tiny bit uneven on the photo
3. if its solid i bet it weighs a ton- ok for those of us with Jaguars but bad for busses
4. you cant use it at a GW store (minor problem)
5. mail order sometimes means it looks good on the net but turns up a horror
6. none. to be honest iv struggled with 5...


im amazed- an inspiring model at a good price. check em out...



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Re: REVIEW: Boring machine (so awesome my eyes hurt)

Awesome! Reminds me of the old 40k scale version of an Epic tunnelling vehicle Armorcast used to do (I have pictures but I can't seem to find them at the moment).  Looks like this would be excellent for 40k and could be deployed using the drop-pod rules. With a little conversion I can even see it being used in WFB as a Skaven (or maybe Dwarf) tunnelling machine.

Actually I hadn't come across Ramshackle before, I've just been checking out their site, lots of great Sci-fi and Steam-punk vehicles on there that would be great for 40k, GorkaMorkA or even Warmachine among other games. One thing that particularly caught my eye was this:

^ Huntsman Spider Tank (with turret)

Add some extra guns (and maybe some demon heads and spikes too) and you've got a kick-ass Defiler alternative and I dare say with a little more work you could make an awesome Brass Scorpion conversion

and yes these excellent looking resin models are cheap for a reason: your not getting ripped off!
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Re: REVIEW: Boring machine (so awesome my eyes hurt)

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I bought a few odd bits from Ramshackle about a week ago, just a few wheels and tracks and such for building some gorkamorka style vehicles. The casts are pretty nice, no air bubbles and a fairly minimal amount of clean up needed. Service was pretty speedy seeing as they're all hand cast to order.
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Re: REVIEW: Boring machine (so awesome my eyes hurt)

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ive got this for 1 of my armys & its nice , yes ok there mite be 1 or 2 airbubbles & maybe some mold issues but that just adds to the look
yes it looks worn & beatup its nice works well for orcs